The Art of Soulcatching

'Explain then.' I say. It sounds rude, but I'm desperate to know that I never processed what I was going to say. 

Anika looks apprehensive. 'I'm sorry, but I must wait until everyone can hear.'

'How long will that be?'

'Where are they?'

Anika knows the way around the house expertly. In no time we are back to the dining table.'Did you set up a time for them to return?'

Keena speaks. 'No.'

'Then you will have to be patient. I doubt that they are hurt'

I don't know why, but the idea of Oskar being hurt sickens me. More than any other person here. 

But soon she bursts through the door, Mansion following, and a boy dressed in the same clothes as Anika. He speaks up.

'You may want to know why you are here...'

'Um, yes.' Mansion says.

Anika continues. 'You have been chosen, with no particular reason other than a being in a close age range, for the opportunity to help us.'

The boy in blue continues. 'Welcome to the art of Soulcatching.'

That's one thing I haven't heard of.

'None of you come from the same variation of the universe, but rather live through multiple histories that vary slightly.'

Anika continues. 'And, after a difficult union, as you know, you four will become the addition to become, well, children of Death.'

'This makes no sense.' Oskar calls out.

'It won't. But now your job is to become workers for Death, and that will involve training, which me and Owen will be present for when necessary, and following that we will decide what you are suited for. Goodbye.' They step backwards, and are gone.

'What?' Mansion says. 'That's not a decent response.' He sinks to his knees, then to the floor.

'No need to overreact, though, Mansion.' Oksar mutters. Skene flies the perches next to Mansion. Well, we were needed for somthing. And we can forget logic.

Of course, I hear Keena's voice, but with an edge she doesn't have. I'm a butterfly.  Down flutters next to Skene, who's doing whatever he can to cheer up Mansion. As he's a parrot, it's not much.

Oskar takes a seat. She says something under her breath. She's confused, and maybe scared. 'So,' she says, 'I'm Daughter of Death.'

The End

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