The Rest

It's Mansion who saves us.

'We should look through the rest of the house.'

'What do you mean?' Keena says. 

' I think's it's big, we're bound to find a thing with some answers. We might find an answer.'

'Ok. But I'll work with Jaggy for this. The sharers can stay here. You two stay together.' She tips her head to Mansion and Oskar. 'Jaggy, this way.'

Today I learn a lot about Keena. She's itching to take charge, but something holds her back. What that is, I don't know. 

The rooms we were in were outrageously bland compared to the rest of the house. Rooms bigger than my house, elaborately decorated furniture, everything perfectly clean and a colour scheme dominated by white. I feel like a stain in these endless seeming corridors and hallways. We wander about a long time, and soon my feet are sore. I'm desperate to sit down in one of the beautiful and very comfortable looking sofas, but I feel like I shouldn't. 

Eventually I collapse on an armchair in the living room we've passed three times. I take the embroidered cushion in my good arm and study the details. 'I want to stop.' I say.

'You are lazy, you know that. you know why we are here?'

'No. Am I supposed to?'

'Just wondering.We all have our theories.' Keena scans the nearby bookshelf. 'I think it's to do with the Great Bane.'

'Really? You believe it's real?'

'Yes. Do you find it funny?'

'No. It's just...there is much worse.'

'Hmm. Oskar believes something has got us from different worlds, and Mansion of course had end of the world theories. He's from 2012.'

My stomach drops. 'That's...that's more than sixty years away...'

'Well that makes us... ninety or so years apart?'

'Wait, WHAT?'

'Time travel.'


'I didn't think it was possible either.'

'When is Oskar from?'

'I don't know.' Keena pulls the sleeve down on the wool cardigan she's wearing.

I concentrate my brain, and try to fit things together. She's alive in the time of a queen, so- no. She lives where London is Rosetown, so I can't apply my knowledge of history to her life...

'Excuse me...' A small voice says from behind me. 

Me and Keena turn around. A girl stands in the door frame, dressed in a pale blue outfit ironed to perfection. Her dark brown hair is braided behind her in an immaculate plait. 

'Hello, my name is Anika.'

We say nothing.

'I'm here to explain to you why you are here.'

The End

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