Jaggy's POV

Wake up, they want to see you! Led wriggling at my feet brings me to consciousness and the shock and relief of being in a safe room not too different from where I lived at home. 

Ok, ok, Led. Be patient.

You sleep a lot. Anyway, if you like cake there's some downstairs.

This motivates me more, and when I move, I am reminded that I did something to my arm. I get up and dressed into a clean white shirt and black trousers carefully, and go out through the open door (However Led managed to do that I don't know).  There's four other doors, wide open, on the landing and from the floor some familiar voices.

Come on then, Led. He leaps from my room, and I pick him up. I know he hates it, but I'm a little nervous and don't want him to run off.  I creep down the stairs, into a huge dining room. Oskar, looking better today, brushed snow off her sharer's fur. Mansion's next to her, doing the same with Skene, and Down flutters onto the ceiling and Keena yells at her out loud.

Never trust these three, honestly. Slams says.

Oskar puts her face in her hands. 'I didn't know we were going to be magically transported to some house, you see, Slams. I didn't know there was a snowstorm early this morning either!"

Skene edges to Slams. You let Led in.

He opened my bedroom door somehow, whilst I was still asleep. I didn't know he could do that.

Seriously. I've never seen a parrot so frustrated at everything.

Led, still held by me, relaxes and looks up. I'm better than all of them.

For a moment, in this messed up , end of the world situation, I feel like smiling.



The End

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