About an hour later, I'm dressed warmly in a long sleeved red top and long black skirt and eating some kind of cake, still hot, which was on the table when I came down earlier. Keena sits opposite me on the table, in all black again and sipping water every now and then. Mansion, the boy who thought the world had ended has finished the cake and sits on the edge of his seat staring at the floor. Jaggy has yet to make an appearance.

'Why do you think the world ended?' I ask him.

He looks up. 'I don't think so any more. I don't think the end of the world has cake.'

'Hmm. But why did you, anyway?'

'Don't you know?' He looks at me as if I didn't know how to breathe. '21st December 2012? I never believed it, but then all this-'

'You're from 2012?' Keena slams her now empty class on the table. 'You mean, from the past?'

'What?' Mansion's face is still. 'You aren't from 2012?'

'I'm not.' I say. 'Which further supports my theory. We're from everywhere.'

'What, like different years?' Mansion says.

'Yes. Now is not the time to be sceptical.'

Keena hesitates then says. 'That works, but why are we here? Were we destined to meet or something?'

'Wait.' Mansion interrupts. 'Where are the talking animals?'

Then I realise I'm starting to miss Slams, as irritating as she was. But then, we had probably discovered less than half of the rooms in this house. They had to be somewhere.

'I don't know.' I say. 'I hope we didn't leave them out in the snow...I-I don't think Slams would appreciate that-'

I don't. Slams says.


The End

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