Everything changes...again

I wake to find the mountains are gone and replaced with four walls. 

They are beige and clean, like most of the room. There's one window and a door- thank goodness it's unlocked. The furniture is scarce. I've been moved into a bed, which is more comfortable than I'm used to. My hair feels soft and there is no dirt under my nails. I'm wearing a clean white gown. Surely I've had a memory problem again. Or one of the shape shifts happened.

Wait. I'm alone.

I immediately sit up and pull the covers away. Then I realise how cold the room is. Of course- it's the same mountainous landscape through the window (no curtains), and I'm in a room high up, I'm guessing from the angle of what I can see through the window.

I take the dressing gown hanging from the door handle, find myself less cold, and decide to examine the room before I leave. There's just a fragile-looking chair in the corner, a small mirror not far off, and a chest of drawers. They're awkward to open, and I can't close them properly. The higher two contain a hairbrush, and make up, jewellery and a load of clothes, seemingly new, though what I was wearing yesterday is among them.

The third drawer, however disturbs me. It only contains a long, thoroughly polished and very deadly looking dagger. I want to shut the drawer, but it takes me a while. I'm not used to weapons, not at all. 

That's when the door creaks wide open and my hand grabs the dagger from the drawer before I know who it is. 

There is no threat, however. Just Keena, dressed the same, her forehead creased with worry or confusion. 

'Where did you get that?' She says.

'It was in the bottom drawer. I put it back and slam the drawer shut, and stand. 'I'm sorry, I was scared...'

'I'm just relieved you're here. I didn't know if you were. Or anyone.'

'The same thing with me.'

Keena nods slighly, and nibbles on her bottom lip. 

'Why are your eyes red?'

'What's wrong with my eyes?' She approaches my mirror.

'They're red...'


'That's not normal.'

'Yes it is.'

'No...wait. What city does the queen of England live in?'

'Why are you asking me this? Oskar, it makes no sense.'

'Nothing makes sense any more. And I'm going exploring.'

I leave my room, to find a corridor with three other identical doors. They must be the other rooms. In the middle is a staircase but I can't tell what is down there. I feel like going back to sleep, but for me that doesn't feel like a possibility. 

One thing, however, I somehow feel much safer.

The End

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