Wake up

Oskar's POV

'Wake up!' 

The voice manages to drain all my fatigue from me. 


Jaggy is shaking my arm. 'You know you said something about seeing anything strange earlier?'


'I saw me, Oskar?'

Wait. He's seen the that screaming version of yourself? 'So...s-so did I.' I tell him.

'Ah. So, have the others seen it too, do you think?' The others. The fair girl in the black robes with the butterfly, I've heard Jaggy call her Keena, the boy who is with Skene the parrot who believes the world has ended. Neither of them are conscious right now.  

I clear my throat. 'Was it sort of wailing? With a creepy noise?'

He nods.

'What does it mean?'

He shrugs. 

'You still hardly talk, don't you?'

'I suppose.'

'You sound weird. You aren't from England, are you?'

'I live...lived in Germany.You were from England, weren't you?'

'Oh.' Yes, I was. Rosetown. It's further north, you know, the Capital-'

'No. London is the capitol city, and its in the south, I think?'

'Never heard of it. Rosetown's where the queen lives, I know that.'

Both of us are starting to get further confused. Jaggy sits up, shivers and slouches again so the red part of his hair falls over his eyes. His sleeve is bloodstained and bandaged. I don't want to ask how he got it. Nothing seems to be making sense any more. I want to go home so badly I want to cry. But you don't cry where I'm from. I shut my eyes and try to get to sleep. But Jaggy sounds like he's the one crying. I don't know why, but this really upsets me.

'Are you scared?' I sit up next to him.

'I'm not a child. I'm not afraid.'

'Yes you are.'

'You aren't?'

'No. Wait. I'm lying, I'm scared, just a little.' I left home when I was about eleven or twelve,  because I had to, not because I wanted to, and in the years since then I'd been alone. I had to cut out fear from my life, because, the world did not work like that. But everything has changed, and I know nothing and deep down, I'm terrified.

I don't let it show, however, and somehow both of us fall asleep till morning.

The End

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