The Mountains

Without thinking I grab Oskar's hand as the world is filled with bright white light which fades to somewhere cold. Mountains all around us. It's not just cold. It's freezing to the point my bones ache. 

Oskar pulls her hand away, but not in anger. I know she's freezing cold, especially as her arms aren't covered. I then notice how she's dressed, it's outdated, not something someone from 1951 would wear.  Keena and Mansion's clothes are strange too. Just not something I considered.

'The Great Bane.It's doing this.' Keena breathes. 'are the sharers OK?'

We're here, the tiger says. And you believe in the great bane?

Keena nods. 'People don't?'

'What's the Great Bane?' Mansion mutters.

'You don't know?'

'I don't either.' Oskar says, but she's so cold she can barely speak.

Keena removes the black cloak. She wears all black underneath. She passes the cloak to Oskar. 'You need it.'

'I'm cold too!' Mansion says.

'We all are. You have a jacket.' 

'What do we do?'


'I can't sleep here!'

'I can.' Oskar says. I realise she's tall, taller than all of us, and strong enough to knock me out with one blow. she pulls the cloak round her, but it looks short on her. 'And I think I;ve realised something. Someone is doing this.'

'What do you mean?'

'Doing all the weird stuff. But anyway. Good night.'

She falls on the ground by her tiger and is asleep in minutes.

Mansion and Keena settle down and I join them. I'm used to harsh Berlin winters, so I can manage this. I look for Led, but I can't find him. And then, me.

Same bandaged arm, odd hair and everything. But he screams silently, but with terror in his eyes. Then I hear the scream, but it's unnatural and eerie.

Then it goes.

The End

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