Well maybe it is the end of the world

Just then, the girl opens her eyes. She looks at me, Keena and the other boy with confusion. Especially me. And I know why.

My hair is dark, but there's a strange piece of dark red in it. My mother constantly try to shave my head as a child and hope it grew out. Nothing would work, It's common fluke in a lot of people, but I am still very self conscious in how a look. Keena said nothing, after all, her eyes are bright red too. 

'Who are you all?' She says. She scrambles to her feet and gestures for the tiger to run.

'Don't go!' Screams the boy. 'It seems the world has ended, there could be zombies.'

I don't know what he's talking about, but the girl hesitates. The tiger turns around.

'What is your name?'



'But you're a girl!'

'I know...s'still my name I s'pose.'

'Well, Oskar, I have no idea who these two are either, and I have no idea why this parrot follows me-'

'He's called a sharer.'

Mansion stops. 'A what?'

I step in. 'I'll explain some time.'

'Ok- aAH!' Mansion shakes his head in sudden terror.

'It spoke to you, didn't it?'

'Who are you?'

'Jaggy, and my rabbit is Led.'

Keena approaches Mansion. 'If your looking for explanations, we don't know a thing.' She continues to comfort him.

Oskar sits back down. 'What happened to your hair?'

I shrug.

'So, did you have the stone room?'

I nod.

'You don't speak much. Have you...seen anything else funny?'

I shake my head.

'Oh.' She girl budges closer to me. There's four of us then. Do you think there's more?' I say nothing, and she does as well for a while. Now she's awake I can see her eyes: brown like mine, only much darker, and the only part of her that looks fragile, contrasted below her bold and expressive brow. She nibble on her chapped lips. She's not pretty by any standards, but there's something about her.

I am about to speak but then, just like that, the world changes.

The End

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