Jaggy POV

Keena runs to them first. She crouches to the girl, and checks her pulse. She nods at me. 

'Maybe she hit her head...' Keena unfastens her cloak and pulls out a black satchel, full of first aid. The tiger, I assume is like Down and Led, turns to us.

She's fine. It says, in English

'Did you hear that?' I ask Keena. 

'Yes! Thank goodness!' She sits back down. 'The tiger, she has a British accent, so this girl is most likely from England. I think she's just exhausted.'

I sit down by Keena, despite that the ground is muddy from the rain. The girl looks sickly and unhealthy, with dark circles under her eyes from fatigue. Her complexion is very dark and the dress she has on is deep green and grubby. She's barefoot, and clearly poor, but one thing she does not look is weak. 

'Your arm!' Keena suddenly squeaks. 'I have bandages, how did I not notice?' 

To be honest, I'd forgotten about it too, especially when the rain watered down the blood dripping from it.

'How did you do that?' She winds the bandage round several times.

'I don't know. I cut it when I...appeared here.'

'In a stone room?' Keena tucks the bandage in.


'Why are we even here, Jaggy?' A soaked strand of hair falls over her face and she slouches.

Hey! Down flutters towards us.


The parrot, he's trying to tell you something. 

The parrot, who's been somehow talking to Led and the tiger, suddenly says Have you seen my sharer?

Is that what me and my rabbit are? Sharers?

Yes! And- LOOK! My sharer is here! The parrot flaps it's wings way past behind us. Everyone whips there head around to see a boy, slightly younger than me, with very curly dark hair wearing trousers made of a coarse blue material and a strange luminous orange shirt. 

'Well,' He says 'The world ended after all...'

The End

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