Comforting thoughts

The parrot's name is Skene. He talks to me in my head, sometimes in a language I can't understand. And even then his English is bad. He's like Slams, trying to find his human Sharer. We know nothing about, except from what his voice sounds like. But this means we aren't alone. 

The landscape now is much greener, and for the first time, raining. Not a cold rain, but strangely warm and delicate. I try my best to collect it from puddles, since the queasiness is gone and replaced by severe hunger and thirst. None of us have any idea of where to go, but we need to find Skene's human. 

But my feet are sore and my legs weak and last night I didn't rest properly. I can't go on further, I can't. I sink to the grass, and already it's getting dark.

Oskar! Are you giving up? Slams roars.

I'm used to cities, Slams. Rosetown wasn't great but was easier than this. I'm not used to walking in the wild.

Deal with it. We'll probably have to get used to it soon. 


Does it look like we're getting out of here any time soon. If I don't find prey soon, I'm going after the parrot-

SLAMS! Who knows what happens if-

I was joking.

It's not the time.

Slams looks away. I didn't realise that a tiger could get so irritable. I roll away from her, closing my eyes and waiting to lose reality. I try to recollect my past as it becomes clearer and clearer. My mother's face, the wallpaper in my home, the people in my city-

There's a voice. Not a mental voice. A real one. It's new to my ears, I haven't heard a proper sound since the stone room.  Wait- two voices! I can hear what they are saying now, 'Hello? Are you alright?' I want to sit up and speak to them, but I'm so tired... The voices are nearer, a female and male, again with accents I don't know well...

I try to lift my head but fall unconscious again.

The End

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