Oskar's POV again

When I wake, the sky is grey. Normally at home I never wake this early. But everything seems to have fallen apart now. It feels like a dream, but it's too vivid. I lie motionless, much like in the stone room, until Slams opens her eyes when the warmth of sunlight hits us. The air is quiet today, there is no wind. 

Slams! What did you do?

I did nothing.

Yes you did. You vanished and there was this clone of me-

I know.

You don't. You weren't there. 

Yes I was.

So why-

I dunno.

We say very little as we continue wandering through the emptiness. This time though, the world starts to change. The air is colder, grass starts growing. But, still, we are alone, that is until, a flash of colour in the distance. It comes closer, and I realise it is a bird. Again, not something I have seen but only heard about. A parrot.

Slams almost looks like she wants to pounce on it. But then, in my head, it speaks.

Have you seen my sharer?

The End

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