Keena Down

'I don't know.' I say.

The hooded figure nods. She pulls her hood down. It's a girl my age, white as a sheet with dark golden hair falling perfectly straight past her shoulders. Her eyes are dark red and bold. Her accent is unusual, and I doubt that Polish was her first language. She says 'I didn't think you would.'

Just then, a red butterfly perches on her shoulder. It doesn't seem like a thing a normal butterfly would do.

'I suppose you don't know anything about how we got here?' 


'I've asked Down, but she doesn't know.' She gestures the butterfly and I question her sanity. 'I'm sorry, my Polish isn't the best but I'm from the USA, you see? I assumed your language from Led.'

'But how did a butterfly speak to you?'

'In my head.' The girls smiles a little. 'Led spoke to me too. Look behind you.'

I almost don't want to turn around but to my relief there is a harmless little rabbit, munching on some kind of leaf found in strange countryside we are in. Until I hear in my head. Stay calm, Jaggy, I am your sharer.

What is a sharer?

We share a soul. We are connected though we can separate if we must.

Why are you such a posh rabbit?

Nothing makes sense anymore.

You got that right.

I turn back the the red eyed girl. 'Are you as confused as me?'

She nods her head silently. 'My name is Keena, what is yours?'


'That's a strange name. But I doubt we are even from the same universe.'

'That's not possible!'

Keena laughs a little. 'Where I'm from, it is.'

The End

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