I rose from my place on the cold hard floor, my eyes stinging and my head spinning, making the world around me spin. It made me dizzy, and disorientated, but I tried to concentrate. As I tried rising to my feet, a felt a sudden rush, my body releasing what was known as vomit. I vomited until I could not any more; the stench of what had been inside my stomach making it turn again, urging me to gag a little.

I glanced around, taking in the sights of the strange surroundings. Stone walls, stone floor. What was with people and building things out of stone? It was very uncomfortable. I clutched my arm as I felt a sudden stinging sensation there. I found a red liquid was seeping through my shirt’s yellow sleeve. I winced slightly, but then I remembered I needed to get out of here.
My feet started to plod their way to the light up ahead, making me squint as I came closer and closer to what seemed like the outside world. I collapsed onto something soft. Upon opening my eyes back up, I noticed a luscious green was underneath me. How did the scenery just… change? There was no trace of the cold, damp and dimly lit corridor from which I had woken up in.
Why did I get the feeling someone was messing with me? Perhaps, because there was… I jumped, hearing a loud cackle from the area, a strange person coming from what seemed like the ground, a hood concealing her face, so only two red eyes shone out from behind the darkness.

 “Are you the one of which they speak? The one, they speak of, conquering the Great Bane?”

 The 'Great Bane' is an animal. It has no powers, other than the ability to speak. There was a tale, that Jaggy had been taught by his mother, that there was once a simple animal, walking round the forest one day when it stumbled upon a magical grove. This grove contained faeries. These faeries decided they'd use their magic on the animal, giving it the ability a human would. It didn't take long before the animal decided doing good, fighting off crime. Eventually, it got bored, there was nothing left to save... and no one wanted a 'dirty beat's' help. It sat upon the rooftop of a house one lonely night, staring up to the moon and slowly speaking to itself. "Why was I ever given this gift from the faeries?" It sighed. After it has spoken, the animal got an idea. It jumped down from it's rooftop, it's eyes gleaming with a new kind of emtion... evil. It set out trying to destory the things he had spent so long bringing to peace. The faeries noticed this, and they stopped him, sealing him under the town, putting spells on these strange rocks placed around. Those rocks are said to contain the beast below the village... However, no one believes this story. It's just a fairy tale, right?

The End

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