In the hours Slams and I spend wandering the empty ground, the shock is gone and the reality sinks in. One day, I was having a normal life. The next- I realise I'm in a stone room slightly underground. I have met a tiger who is technically me. I have nothing with me but a torch I can't light. 

It stays light for a very long time, and then I look up, and I realise the sky is black. I can't even remember it getting light, a second ago it was fine...



Why do things keep changing, Slams? And why is my brain going strange?

I didn't realise that I suddenly had the answers to everything, Oskar! I don't know anything!

Can...can we find anyone?

I don't know, but I'd love some kind of water or maybe a nap.

I realise I'm exhausted. We can't rest Slams, wherever we are, I don't feel safe.

Oh, you want a house now, do you? Go to sleep.




And then Slams is gone. I feel a presence behind me to turn my head- and there is something terrifying.

It's me, I know my face even in the darkness when my brain's a muddle. Olive skin but with a sickly hue. Tired and weak brown eyes. An angry expression. And then her face changes. She appears to be screaming, and there is silence. Except for a barely audible high pitched wail, which appears suddenly louder and then it's all gone.

I lie on the dry soil, shaking. Slams is back but says nothing. 

I stare at the sky until my eyes close.


The End

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