I don't dare look behind me again. I'm starting to get terrified. With more force in my step, I follow daylight through the cave, which is going slightly uphill. 

Eventually  I find I'm out, but I seem to be in an empty space. There's endless dusty ground every where, and a few weak plants dotted about close to the horizon. Of course, there's the cave in a mass of rock of which I emerged from. There's also a wind strong enough the extinguish my torch. 

Thank you.

The voice hits me out of nowhere. I recognise it- it's my voice, but I know I didn't think that. 

I'm sorry. I just haven't met you before. 

I don't know you either! I mentally yell back. Go away. 

I can't.

This attacked thought is followed by a growl. I can hear that. I know that its not in my head. I turn around to feel my heart stop. Something I've never seen before in real life, but I know is capable of killing me. A tiger.

I close my eyes and expect for it to pounce on me.

Help, I say to the voice. Help me get away from it.

Are you stupid? It's a 'her', thank you.

Wait...WHAT? I open my eyes. The tiger sits down, and there's intelligence in her eyes.

I'm not going to hurt you. I don't want to hurt myself.

Leave me alone!

NO! The tigers roars, really. The she continues Not now, Oskar. Please don't be scared of me. Have you never heard of your Sharer?

You're a Sharer? I swear that was all a fairy tale-

No. We share a soul.

But wait, why do you know this and I-

I've just found out too. Every single living thing from the moment of birth is given a half a soul, and the other half to another born on the same day. Nearly everyone goes there whole live without knowing, at they probably live on the other side of the world.

There are no tigers in England. Why should I know you?

You will have too.

So we are the same person?


So all this time I'm talking to myself.

You could put it that way. We are still two independent minds. We have nothing in common.

You have my voice.

Yes. I cannot speak otherwise. 

I hesitate. Do you know why we are here?

No. But I know where to go. By the way, do you know my name.

Yes, you're Slams. Wait- when did I, what kind of name is that.

Slams says nothing and leads me away from the cave.



The End

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