All Oskar knows is she's assigned her entire life to one thing. To catch souls.
Influenced by Discworld and His Dark Materials.

It took a long time for me to realise where I was.

I was lying down, I knew that, with my eyes open. I was awake but only half conscious, a bit like when you wake up in the morning but fall asleep again. My brain saw the ceiling but never processed it. I could only think 'I'm in a stone room looking up to the ceiling.' Only now had I left the dreamlike, unquestioning state. I'd finally noticed that the stone ground was uncomfortable- all this time my shoulder had a tiny but sharp rock pressing into it. 

I had the strength to sit up. My hands were so dry that pressing them on the rough warmish stone made me wince. My lips were chapped and dry, my hair felt like it needed a wash and I had a piece of dirt in my eye. How long had I been here? It could be an hour or a year, as nothing happened when I was staring at the ceiling, therefore I was already losing my memory of it. That's when my stomach dropped. I couldn't remember anything of how I got here. The most recent event I could recall was...being home, just about to go to bed? Nothing unusual about that- except it felt like a long,long time ago. How long ago since I ate or drank? Not that it mattered, I felt dizzy and very sick. 

Clinging the the stone wall, I brought myself to my feet and tried to organise my brain. My name is Oskar. Odd name for a girl, I suppose. How old was I? That I'm not sure of. I can't remember precisely remember my face, but I have black straggly hair, and even alone I knew I was tall, and pretty strong as well. I live in Rosetown. I don't have much money. I know that, I'm not wearing shoes. I don't mind that, the stone ground is so worn to the point of being smooth and my feet are tough. I have a dress. It may have been a rich persons dress, but the green fabric has become a dull sludgy colour and not a radiant deep one like it probably was, and the hem at the bottom is falling apart and blackened with soot and mud. It's way too big, even for me, but belted at my waist to make it fitted, but the I still step on my skirts whenever I walk. Its the only dress I have, and my memory isn't sure but I probably stole it a while ago. I'm sure of anything I need to know, and this reassures me for a while.

Then I realise. There's no doors or windows in the room, only a narrow cave entrance. On the ground is a faint outline of me when I was half sleeping. The room is unfurnished and small, with just one torch on a wall as my only source of light. I take it off, and approach the cave entrance. I can't see far, but I know that it gets wider and seems to go on for a while. I don't like it, but it's my only way out. 

I stumble through the cave, treading often on stones leaving my feet bleeding. It gets wider, and to my relief, its not very long. I can see white daylight on the rough cave surfaces, as a opposed to fire's golden light. At this point I turn my head to look back. The room is there, but it's still lit, even though I took the only torch. And I left through the only exit, I know that for certain, but I can see it even from miles away.

There, directly opposite mine, is another cave entrance.

The End

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