Chapter four, "Cynthia's Point of View"

Julius and I began to walk to his home. I wasn't quite sure what was going on inside his head, so I decided to read it. 

His thoughts were 

"All my life I was lonely. Getting treated wrong by the world, nobody actually noticing me. I lived through the pain and suffering. But now, i'm here with the Daughter of Christ, Cynthia. I love her so dearly, but she probably does not think the same. I want to be with her and love on her but..." 

He let out a sigh low enough to where a human couldn't hear. 

"It makes me angry that I can't have her and it also makes me sad..... I want us to have a future together.... But I doubt that she would accept my offer... knowing that i'm a poor human falling for a royal angel of heaven..." 

I then knew that he truly loved me a lot. As soon as we got home I stopped reading his mind and gave him the hug that he deserved. As time went by he fell asleep, so I got him on his bed and tucked him under the covers, then went out of his room closing the door behind me. As I began to walk out of the house to check over the earth, I seen a book with it labeled "Diary" on it laying under the table. I then picked the book up and started reading it. 

The book said, 

"I wish I had someone in my life. I'm tired of being lonely with nobody to hug, to help keep me warm with their body heat, to cry on, to simply BE with, to lay next to..... to love." 

As soon as I read those words I closed the book choosing not to read the rest of the page that burns my soul. 

At around 5:15am, as morning began to come, I put new furniture I gathered from heaven into his living room and his own room, then at 7:20am I began to make breakfast for him when I got done putting the furniture together. Something that he deserves. At around 8:00am he woke up, but still layed there and closed his eyes back up. I then called his name. 

"Julius Green?" 

"Just five more minutes." He replied. 




"Your still here?" He said jumping out of the bed wearing his underwear. 

He appeared to have an arousion and somehow I began to blush across my face. I quickly turned around breathing through my mouth. I didn't know what was happening to my body and actions. These thoughts that roamed in my head from the Devil that I hate. 

"Uhm..." I studdered. 

He stated, "Well it takes a while for it to go down so deal with it." 

He then said, "Unless you want to volunteer?" 

Then out of nowhere he got hit by a random stop sign that flew in through the window. Then multiple stop signs flew in through the exact same window. For every stop sign that hit him he made a sudden noise. The next thing you know is that he is under a giant pile of stop signs. 

"What the hell?" He shouted. 

I knew it was the work of God telling him to stop, but I didn't say anything. I helped him out of the pile of stop signs. 

"Are you ok?" I said. 

He replied as he got up, "Yes, thank you" 

He was alright physically but he was mentally weak. 

"I made you breakfast." I said. 

He looked around just noticing about the new furniture. He was filled with surprisement. Two and a half seconds went by then he looked at me staring into my my eyes with the sorrowfulness of his. I took his hand with both of mine and spoke to him. 

"Julius, it's ok. I'm right here so you don't have to worry about ever being alone anymore." 

When I began to say my next words he rushed up hugging me as tight as he could. 

"Please..." He said. "Don't leave me ever. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and if something happens to you I would kill myself." 

"Don't say things like that." I said hugging him back as tight as he could. 

I didn't know what to say or tell him. He was so sad but yet so happy at the same time. I let him hug me for as long as he wanted to. He cried silently and fell asleep on my chest at about 9:30am. It took all morning for him to wake back up, but I knew it was the best sleep he has ever had in his entire life. He woke up at around 12:15am, but closed his eyes back up. I let him rest for as long as he wanted to but 5 seconds later he said three words that made my heart stumble for some odd reason,

"I love you."

I didn't know what to do, but I was happy. At 12:18 he got up grabbing my hand and walks to the kitchen only to see that it has changed completely. He didn't look amazed. He walked to his stack of pancakes but made no expression. He put the pancakes in the fridge then hugged me speaking into my ear, 

"You didn't have to do this. I was perfectly fine." He said smiling. 

I didn't mind to do those things. He deserved better. 

He broke the hug and smiled brightly at me. He then started to pray in his mind, 

"Thank you Lord. For making it be me out of all the people." 

He then walked out the door. 


I didn't know where he was going, 




But he never been that happy in his life.

The End

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