Chapter three continued

and that it is to judge this world by their right and wrong doing, and to help the world need. That light is known as the light of the royal fruits. Christ is both physically and mentally stronger than I am, but I have my abilities that can surpass him, and he has his abilities that can surpass me, but God has the power to stop us both." 

I replied, "So that's why your the princess of this world?" 

She responded, " More like a Goddess but yes. I am more human than my father however, so I have more sensability than him." 

"I see. So you understand humans more than Christ?" I said. 

She replied, " Yes. But not more than God." 

As soon as those words slipped in my mind I knew that it could be possible for her to love. But then I thought to myself that she was too good for me, and that there was no way possible that a beautiful girl such as herself would fall for a spineless weakling such as myself. So I wasn't even going to try and have a chance at being her lover, because it was truly obvious that she was thousands of years older than me knowing that you don't age in heaven...

The End

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