Chapter three... I had no time to do this.....

At that moment, on April the 21st, 2015, the happiest moment in my life took hold. Where there was the gunfire of love breaking the target of loneliness. But sadly, she broke the hug, causing the warmth of my body from her heat to become cold once again. I stood there frozen in my place with a blush on my face.

"Are you ok?" Said the beautiful Princess of the world, Cynthia.

"Why would I not be ok?" I replied, "I just got a hug from the daughter of Christ that I never knew existed."

Her bright smile that was even brighter than the sun only made me want to hug her more, but I had to hold myself together before I lose control. As I glanced into the beauty of her eyes I realized something.

"Wait. If your the daughter of Jesus, does that mean you have as much power as he does?" I questioned.

She replied, " We all have our own unique type of powers. My grandfather, God, resembles the white light, which means that he is the first and that he can do the impossible and challenging. That light is known as the light of sinlessness. The light that my Father holds is the yellow light, which means that it's the first below the light of sinlessness, and that it's mental and physical abilities are to face the darkness of Satan's men. That light is known as the light of the father. The light that I resemble is the pink light, which means that it is the second below the light that God possesses

The End

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