Chapter one, "The beginning"

It begins with me walking down the street wearing a white long sleeve button up shirt with a red tie hanging down. My shirt is tucked in my black pants wearing sneakers and a black glove on my right hand.

I walk down the street coming from school with nothing else better to do but to think non stop. My mother and father both abandoned me because I was a mistake, so I wasn't raised right. This planet called earth doesn't show me love because nobody cares about my life. All I am is a weakling that goes to school to learn. Who goes to school to learn? 

I dug in my pocket to see if I had any money left for groceries but when I opened my wallet a fly came out and it only appeared to be a dollar bill and some change. I let out a sigh and came back home carrying a bag of noodles closing the door behind me and laying my back on the floor. My living room anly contained a television, a table, and a couch. As I began to think once again I heard a sudden knock on the door. 

"Hello? Are you there?" Said the female voice at the other side of the door. 

The voice sounded familiar, like a person from school. I let out a sigh and got up, then walked to the door and opened it only to see a girl that I know from school named Foria. She seemed to be carrying multiple bags of groceries. 

"I got these for you, if it's ok." She said as she was setting up my groceries. 

I never knew someone would actually care for me. At that moment I fell in love with her, but I doubt that a girl like her would fall for a nearly homeless guy such as myself, so I never bothered to try. My stomach then started to rumble.

"Your hungry arent you? I can hear your stomach from here." Said Foria, "If you want, we can go get food. Go out to eat?" 

I lost her when she said food. 

"Ill come by at 7:00 ok?" I said.

"Ok!" She shouted. She then ran out with a smile on her face. I didn't know what just happened, but I knew I was going to have a great feast. 

At around 6:12pm I started to get ready. I put on the suit that I never wore before because that was the suit my grandfathergave me before he passed away. Now I will use this for a great cause. At around 6:25pm I left the door after I took a shower and got ready. As I was walking, thinking about my past, at 6:38pm I walked passed a small figure with her head down and hair covering her entire face as she was sitting on a bench. I stopped and walked to her and asked, " Are you alright?" Then I placed my hand on her shoulder. When 3 seconds went by she quickly shot her head up showing her blood red eyes and her wide grin , and sharp teeth. I honestly didn't even care to jump. I also didn't care if she attacked me or not because I didn't care if I lived or die. When the girl started to rush up to stab me with the sharpness of her giant claws a random girl appeared in front of me and stabbed her in the chest causing the demonic girl to vanish into thin air. She then grabbed me and started to sprint off, "No time to explain." She said. 

As time went by it became 7:00pm. Foria was waiting on me at a resturaunt table. She then checked her watch and let out a sigh. "Maybe he's not coming... I knew he was too good for me."  As time went by me and the female who dragged me along came to a stop at the edge of a cliff. The moon shined upon the sky. 

"Are you alright?" The female said. 

I replied, "Yes. And thank you. What was that back there?" 

She replied, "It was demons that roam at night. But it's safe here so you don't have to worry about it." 

Then as she smiled the sun began to rise even though the night was at it's beginning. Her blonde hair with eyes that was as green as grass, her clothes that was one of a kind, her smile that was as bright as the stars, everything about her was just perfect in my eyes. 

"By the way, my name's Cynthia." She said. 

"U-uh" I studdered. 

I was paralyzed by her beauty. 

"W-who are you exactly?" I questioned, "You killed that demon like it was nothing." 

"Would you believe me if I had told you that I was the sister of Jesus Christ himself?" She questioned. 

"I don't know." I replied. 

I never seen a body so perfect a day in my life. But I needed more evidence before I could just assume that she was the daughter of Christ. But why would she all of a sudden bring it up? It wouldn't make any sense if she was lying to me. 

"I believe you." I said. 

She replied in shock, " really?!" 

I then smiled at her. Then time went by...









" I believe you but not so much." I stated, " I need more evidence."

She then smiled back at me, and then something sudden happened. A beam of light shot at her from the sky. The light was so thick that I couldn't see her. She then walked out of the beam with it vanishing behind her. With her hair that changed from puffy blonde to silky-smooth brown hair that reached her mid-back, from green eyes to brown ones that was a little lighter than her hair. Her clothes that changed from one of a kind to the legendary robe that was dragging 8ft across the grass. Then I knew that she was the Daughter of Jesus Christ.

The End

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