Bus Ride Home

 I gathered my homework and shoved it in my
backpack. I hurried out the doorway and into the
hallway, making an effort to get towards the front of the
school to get to my bus. But my effort was cut off.
 “Regan,” I heard the sweet voice from behind me.
 “Levi,” I whispered, turning around slowly. His
hood was back on his soft black hair. I could barely see
his eyes. It was ravishing.
 “Bus rider?” he asked.
 “Yes,” I replied.
 “That’s cool,”
 “Yeah, I guess,” I didn’t know what else to say.
 “Lemme walk you there,”
 I shrugged, “Alright,”
 He walked up next to me and took my hand.
  “Lead the way, Madame,” I laughed to myself.
  “Only if you never call me ‘Madame’ again,” He laughed too.
 His palm was lukewarm on my own icy one. I
thought that steam should be lurching from between our
hands. I began to walk, watching my feet to make sure
they still worked.
 We got out the front doors and I saw the extensive
line of buses. People were staring. But I didn’t care. I was
on Cloud 9.
 I turned left, still holding onto Levi’s hand, and
continued to walk down the concrete pavement. I went to
the very last bus in the line and turned towards Levi.
 “This is where I have to be,” I said, looking at
him. He gazed at me curiously.
 “Can I come too?” He asked without taking the
quizative look off his gorgeous face.
 “I... I guess... if you want to,”
 Immediately he said, “Okay!” and pulled out a
black cell phone. He instructed me to walk up the steps as
he dialed numbers. He came up right after me.
 “Have I seen you before?” This was the first time
I’d ever heard my bus driver speak.
 “I’m new in school,” he said smoothly, “and
Regan was just going to show me around a little bit, if
that’s all right?”
 “Do you have a bus pass?”
 “Oh... sorry, no... I didn’t know I needed one.
This is the first time I’ve ever ridden on a bus.”
 “Oh, that’s all right, if this is your first time. But
next time, remember to get a pass from the main office,”
 “Oh, thanks,” Levi flashed a dazzlingly white
smile at the bus driver and I continued walking down the
aisle to find an open seat for two.
 I sat down and Levi slipped in next to me. His cell
phone was to his ear now.
 “Hey, Dad... oh yeah, it was a very good first
day... I’m not coming home right away... no... yeah... I
made a new friend... uh-huh... when’s dinner?... oh,
okay... well I don’t know when I’m going to home... oh,
of course I will... yup... all right... uh-huh... I’ll call him...
all right... yup... bye.”
 Levi flipped his phone shut and turned to me,
 “Dads...” and he laughed.
 “Yeah,” I laughed back. I knew my dad was
probably twice as bad.
 I was my father’s prodigy... in a way... the only
reason I got good grades was because of his constant
pushing. I liked to please my father. When he was happy,
I was rewarded. It was always fun.
 “Mom, on the other hand,” he began.
 “You don’t need to finish that,” I replied simply.
 He cocked his head at me, confused.
 “I don’t have a mom, nor do I want one.”
 “Oh, I see.”
 “Sorry to disappoint you,”
 “I don’t have a mom either.”
 “Wow... two dysfunctional kids in one seat.
Pretty crazy, huh?” It was a joke. He didn’t find it funny.
 We didn’t really talk that much more on the bus
ride to my house. When we finally got here, it seemed
like a day had gone by. But in all actuality, it had only
been about ten minutes.
 The bus stopped at the end of my driveway like
usual. I got up and walked to the front with Levi en tow.

The End

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