Levi walked over to his designated seat. His smell
was intoxicating. It danced into my nostrils and filled my
senses. I felt as if I could reach out and touch the scent if I
really wanted to. I restrained myself from doing so.
 Levi turned to me as he sat down. He held out a
hand. He meant for me to shake it. I was paralyzed. I had
to force my arm to surrender my nerves. When our skin
touched, I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
 “Hello, Ms. Sampson,”
 Ohmigosh. I had to try to be slick here. Confident.
 “Hello, Mr. Delight,” I forced my lips to contract
into a teasing smile.
 “Got a first name?”
 “Me or my name?” I grinned at him and dropped
his hand finally. Wow... I was better at this ‘slick’ thing
than I thought I’d be.
 He laughed, “Both,”
 My heart stopped as he smiled and turned
towards the board where I hadn’t even noticed Mr.
Meyer had returned to the fraction attempt.
 “Hood down, Mr. Delight,”
 “You got it, dude,”
 Levi pulled down his hood to reveal his
delightfully blue eyes; they were almost the color of the
Gulf of Mexico. His eyes were lined with more black
eyeliner than I’d ever seen on anyone before.
 His hair was the darkest black that was ever
invented, obviously dyed but still so amazing. The hair
looked unbelievably soft. It looked like his bangs were
trying to eat his left eye. I couldn’t help but stare in
 “Can I help you?” he whispered as Mr. Meyer
continued with the fractions lesson.
 “Sorry,” I said, and quickly turned back toward
Mr. Meyer’s hopelessness.
 “No,” he said, “it’s okay. I like it when you stare.
You have pretty eyes.”
 “Oh, really?”
 “Well then you’re going to like me a lot then,”
 “Oh, really?” he mocked me.
 “Uh-huh,” Right back at‘cha.
 He laughed and turned back towards Mr. Meyer’s
attempt. And then the strangest thing in the world
happened. I giggled.
 The rest of the day floated by. I really couldn’t
concentrate at all. All of a sudden, a bell rang and my
head shot towards the clock. It was 2:45. Time to get out
of this prison.

The End

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