Dates With My Best Friends

Regan is just a normal girl... with a few twists. She met her current boyfriend, Levi, when she was in 5th grade, but her best friend, Harper, is in love with her...

   I remember that day perfectly. It happened on
January 20th. It was raining outside. I remember looking
at the window, trying to find pictures in the raindrops
while the substitute was unsuccessfully attempting to
explain fractions. There was a impromptu knock at the
   The substitute, Mr. Meyer, looked relieved and
quickly walked to the door. I looked towards the door as
he opened it. Then, most beautiful boy I’d ever seen
walked through the door way.
   His extravagant appearance sent shivers up and
down my spine. The hood was up on the black hoodie
that he was wearing. He was wearing skinny jeans so
black and so tight that it looked like he could’ve had
black skin.
   He handed a passbook to Mr. Meyer and I
noticed his fingernails were painted black. Mr. Meyer
glanced at the passbook and I saw his eyes dart towards
Mystery Boy and then back towards the book.
   “Class, this is Levi Delight,”
   Levi Delight. Those words replayed over and over
again in my head until I suddenly had a headache. My
brain was filled with a fog and suddenly I felt like I
couldn’t breathe. Delight. What a most perfect last name.
For the most perfect boy.
   I couldn’t help but to glance over at this new boy
again. For a split second, I believe our eyes met. We both
looked away.
   “Levi,” Mr. Meyer blew the fog out of my head,
  “you can sit right over there. Next to Ms. Sampson.”
  I heard my last name. My head flew towards Mr.
Meyer, trying to beg him with my eyes not to put the new
boy next to me. I could barely stand him from this
distance. I didn’t know whether or not I could tolerate
him up close.
   Behind me, Harper sighed. I knew he wanted to
sit with me but Mrs. Arden (our regular teacher)
wouldn’t allow it. She knew that we’d be constantly
talking about things other than school work, so instead
she placed his seat behind my own by two rows.

The End

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