She's my vengeful, manipulative, scheming darling.

People always asked us how we met each another. Perhaps they could all see the disparity between 'disadvantaged' me and 'classy, upper-class' her.

I always invented a pack of lies.

And with each question asked, my lies became more.

More elaborate, more intricate and more deformed.

If I wanted to be left alone, I'd say, "She's my parole officer's daughter."

The sane would exchange a few polite words and take their leave. Not that the sane would strike up a conversation with me.

I usually used this lie though. "I rescued her from my uncle's illegal brothel."

Much more effective. Either I was off my rocker, or I was telling the truth and in a horribly messy situation. In addition, their reactions usually gave me some laughs. It was probably the contradiction that scared them the most, that someone so refined and beautiful used to be in such a situation. None of it mattered though, since it's a lie.

I don't need people. I don't need their sympathy. I just need... her.

Her family's dirt poor. Her brother's a lawyer, paying off the debts. Her father had a mental breakdown because of her mother's death.

She used to be famous.

She used to be a role model. Parents loved her because she seemed to be the perfect child. A fashion forward yet mildly conservative dresser, a young adult who was never seen stumbling out of clubs past midnight, a sweet young lady who could charm all the media and manage her responsibilities without stressing. Children loved her because she was up to date, trendy, quirky, talented, a celebrity in her own right.

Regina Carrembell, beautiful, angelic, trophy daughter of Michael and Katherine Carrembell, the founders of Genieve a multinational corporation. Dealing from property to technology to fashion. Her father built a true empire.

A true empire that was built upon sand.

The world rejoiced when their talented son, her brother, 'prince' Jonathon graduated from Harvard and practiced law. Not as a greedy attourney for the wrong and rich but as a humble defense attourney labouring away for the country, for the legal system, for justice.

Then the Krisling scandal happened, even the homeless in Brazil to China to Somalia were aware of it. Krispare, a central board member of Genieve was caught up in multiple sex scandals…with employees, Preveling, another central member was investigated for bribing government officials.

Law suits sieged the Carrembells, their reputation was forever soiled. International investigations forced the Carrembells to liquidate the empire. Genieve was in tatters, trophies of other companies,

Katherine Carrembell developed stage four cancer. Michael Carrembell dedicated fortunes towards research and even more towards obscure cures. She died. He broke down. His mental health slowly drained away at the remnants of their assets.

He's committed to a ward now. Jonathon the defense attorney barely keeps the household floating.

Regina Carrembell disappeared from the tabloids. Forgotten. No longer a role model, she assumed another pathway. A darker, less glamorous pathway.

That's how I met her. She needed a soldier.

The End

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