A wild fluttering above me drew my attention. Upon opening my eyes I was blinded by the intense midday sun, and rolled over. Standing up, I found myself on a grassy hill overlooking green fields that stretched into the distance, running freely to the snow capped mountains, tinted blue by the air. A gently breeze blew past, the grass dancing. Above me I could hear the beautiful song of a bird, and stared up at it.
I don't remember much of it except for the stark red crest emblazoned on its breast. It sat there singing joyfully in the perches of the cherry blossom that was the only tree for miles. The pink petals fell with the wind and drifted south, down the hillside. The bird looked down at me and, after regarding me for a moment, sang to me.
It was as if the world had ceased to exist. That nothing should ever bother me again. The cries reached into my heart and eased it, comforted it, made me forget. I felt happy and carefree. Another bird, identical to the first, flew over and settled next to it. After a few moments, it too began to sing, in harmony with the first. It was as if I were in heaven, that nothing could go wrong.
A sudden rolling wind blew me backwards, knocking me to the ground. Ahead of me, where had once been a peaceful plain towards the sea, now lay a blackened landscape. What looked like an armada of skeletal warships had landed, a dense fog draping the shore and covering them. A fiery ball rushed out of the fog and into the air, and after a few moments, I realised with horror that this fireball was heading straight for me. Scrambling away, I turned and began to run, but too late the orb smashed into the side of the hill, exploding and forcing me down the slope. The beautiful birdsong had been replaced with the screeching cries of death. As I slid helplessly, I saw the sky lit by red flashes, boulder following boulder. Above me two birds circled. Their red and black feathers blended with the darkened sky, and glowing red eyes examined me with evil intent. Suddenly, as ash began to fall, the descended, and I began to run for my life, for no one dares to fight hell-ravens. As I ran I felt them pecking and tearing at any bare flesh they could reach. I feebly attempted to wave them off but they simply attacked my arms in response.
An explosion nearby threw me away, knocking me to the ground. I rolled but the birds continued their relentless assault. I felt they were toying with me, as even one hell-raven could have killed me by now. Exhausted and weary, I rolled on my back. The pain by now had ceased, but all I could feel was the flesh being torn from my bones. I saw a fiery orb descending quickly, but before it landed a raven hopped into my view. The other joined it on the other side of my head. They regarded each other for a moment, then me, before their beaks dropped into my eyes.

The End

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