Darkside: Memoirs of the deadMature

 An empty room seemingly out of space and time as the walls, floor and ceiling arent easily distinguished from each other as there are no defined edges and floating clouds pass by unimpeded against a perfectly blue sky. In the centre of this room is a single marble altar adorned with the symbol of every religion that exists, has existed or will exist and on the altar is an object wrapped in silk giving off a gentle pulsating light going at the steady pace as though it were a heart. Then gradually the light in the room changes to the colours of a setting sun and a silhouetted figure approaches the altar. Dropping to one knee and unsheathing the sword that it carriesit whispers words that carry as though shouted in an empty cathedral

Kiatha tan tero. Mi coursa tena carsanok! 

Resheathing its blade the figure steps up to the altar itself. Once there he places a gloved hand onto the glowing object which immediately begins to glow faster and brighter; slowly and with immence reverence it starts to unwrap the object from its silken covering to reveal a book made of the purest gold. Running the gloved hand over the intricate designs of the front cover the figure inhales sharply and opens the cover reading the scripts that adorn the pages. Quickly it turns through the pages towards the back and then stops once it seems to have found what it was looking for. Reaching into its robes the figure brings out a crystal vial with something like crude oil inside of it; takes out the stopper and, holding the vial low over the pages, gently tips the vial so that the contents slowly spills onto the page as it recites,

“Earth, fire, wind and water; Save this, your Guardian, from this danger. This your Guardian, the master of truth O, elements of the mortal realm bestow unto my charge The powers he requires to defeat his foes:

Earth; the power to withstand cruelty but also to give life to those that love him.

Fire; the power to warm peoples heart but also to burn his enemies.

Wind; the gift of speed and grace like your eternal dances but also the ferocity you hold.

Water, the purest of all, may you grant the guardian to cleanse the world of all evil.

Teo mina Keras-De!

As the final words were said the light that radiated from the book changed to flame orange and the oily fluid that it had poured onto the page began to pull together as though being sucked down a plug but rather than going down into the book it rose up and shaped itself into that of an armoured figure before changing into that of an unborn infant. Then once it had disappeared into the book and the white light reappeared and the steady throbbing of the light resumed,

Go well now my brother. You are safe; the elements are on your side. I shall dine with you in glory in the future.”  The shadowed man said softly as he closed the book and re-wrapped it in its silk cover. Having done the deed he quickly turned and in one fluid movement it turned and left at pace.

Several minutes after the man had exited, one of the clouds that floated by began to ripple followed shortly by a second and from these ripples emerged a pair of armoured figures of no definate shape and while one kept watch should the man return for any reason, the other quickly stole over to the altar, took the book then disappeared back through its ripple. Once the ripples had sealed the other figure went back through its own, which once sealed left no trace that anyone had been in the room apart from the fact that the book was now gone. 


The End

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