Prologue - Fu LengMature

A tale of a group of Samurai that band together against the forces of evil, placing honor and duty to their empire above everything else - including their lives.

"Approach, Gravitas!"  The booming voice commanded.

Gravitas looked up slowly, with a mixture of fear and duty in his melancholy blue eyes.  This is my time.  

He looked around the temple, seeing the dozens of monks kneeling in the pews.  As was usual, the one in his position stood at the back of the temple near the entrance.  An aisle, lit by dim candlelight, provided passage for him to go to the altar.  

Shakily and slowly, he walked down the aisle, feeling the hundreds of eyes staring at him.  His was a position of great honor,  but clearly that did not mean he was going to go through this endeavor without feeling intimidated.  

Nearing the end of the aisle, Gravitas decided to examine the altar once more - preparing himself for what must be done when he arrived.  It was no typical place of worship; the granite stone serving as a table was decorated carefully with diamonds and skulls.  Two silver chalices sat on either side of the stone slab, and a white ceremonial cloth lay over the center.  On top of the cloth was a golden bowl, peculiarly shaped in that the sides did not go back up, but bent in a ripple shape back down.

Gravitas took the final few steps to the altar, heart pounding like a drum.  Next to him stood the head priest.  Like himself, the priest was wearing a jet black suit of ceremonial samurai armor, with the shape of an arachnid splashed across the front in silvery-white paint.

"Fu Leng!"  The priest yelled, gesturing with his arms towards the sky.  "Oh dark lord, we all know you have waited so long!"

Shivering, Gravitas drew his wakizashi from his belt and held it out in front of him.

"Tonight...  You take your first step to returning."  The head priest smiled and looked at Gravitas expectantly.

It's time.  He thought.  

"I, Gravitas of the spider clan..."  He said, raising his wakizashi, "of nineteen winters, give myself to you..."  A pause.  Then he plunged the blade of the dagger into his chest, screaming:  "Fu Leng!"

The congregation cheered and the head priest nodded approvingly as Gravitas collapsed to the floor.  

Suddenly, the lights flickered, and the cheering stopped.  The room grew cold, and the head priest smiled knowingly.

Just then, a deep, demonic voice coming from nowhere spoke.  "Midnight falls upon Rokugan..."  It said in a chilling monotone, "Darkness rises henceforth."  

The End

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