Darkness: Part 2 (2006)

Written in 2006.

It had been awakened. Now there was one man who could stop the darkness from spreading. Does Agent Kaine Black have what it takes to stop Advent, the creature of darkness?

  It had awakened. When Tony Hicks lets the darkness take him, he released it onto the world. Now people were dying left and right and only one person could stop it. That person is...

"Kaine. Were getting reports in from all over the world from people claiming they have seen or been attacked by the creature." Agent Kaine Black looked up from his desk. "Where has it struck now, John?" Agent John Glick opened a file folder and flipped through each paper very carefully. "The attacks seem to be concentrated on one little boy in Charlotte, North Carolina." Kaine rubbed his eyes. "Get ready. Were going to Charlotte."

"Get away from me!" Screamed Greg Vehn. He ran into his room and flicked the light on. The light flickered and went off. "Come to me Greg..." The darkness crept closer and closer to Greg. "What do you want from me?" Greg cried. The Darkness stopped and a familiar reptilian eye glowed through the shadows. "I want your soul." It growled. But suddenly, the darkness faded away and gave way to light. Greg fell to the floor. "Morning..."

Kaine and John are not normal people. They work for an agency that deals with supernatural phenomenon called UNAFSP. (United Nations Agency For Supernatural Phenomenon.) They have been on the Darkness case ever since little Tony Hicks fell pray to the creature last year. They have been hitting dead ends. Until now. They were about five miles away from Charlotte when something strange happened. Their car suddenly shut down and rolled to a halt by the city limits. Kaine could have sworn he saw an eye in the rear view mirror. But it wasn't there anymore...

It could see them. It could see Greg and Timmy playing Xbox 360 in the basement living room. It was waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Greg just lost a race and was flipping out at Timmy. "You cheater, you rammed me into a building!" Timmy got up. "Sure dude, want a Coke?" Timmy walked over to the mini fridge that was by the closet under the stairs. It was time. The fridge turned off. Timmy backed away. "man, why'd the fridge turn off?" Greg backed into a corner. "Timmy...get away from the closet..." It was too late. the darkness seeped out from under the closet door and was headed for Timmy. Timmy screamed at the top of his lungs. "AAAAAAAHHHH!!..."

They heard the screams coming from the basement. Kaine flung open the front door and ran towards the basement steps. But the door wouldn't open. Either it was locked or something was keeping it closed. John ran at the door and shoulder tackled it. But the door opened and he tumbled down the steps. Kaine raced down the steps and ran to Greg who was sitting in the corner staring at the closet door. "s...s...save Timmy!" He cried. Kaine looked at the closet door just in time to see Timmy's arm get dragged into the darkness. Kaine raced over to the closet but there was nothing there. just an empty closet. John got up and rubbed his head. "What happened?" Kaine looked from Greg to John. "Add Timmy to the death list."

"You need to tell me when the creature started coming after you Greg." John was writing things down frantically on a memo pad. Kaine was sitting with Greg waiting for his dad to get home. "the creature started coming for me about four months ago. I don't know how I stayed alive this long..." Kaine nodded. "You've done a good job. We'll stay with you until this is over okay?" Greg nodded. "My dad will be happy. He's seen it too. Hes afraid..." Kaine looked at John. "Where is your dad?" Greg looked at his feet. "I don't know. He left a week ago and never came back. Ive had to live by myself." John wrote something down. "Kaine's right, we'll stay with you until this things over." Greg looked at Kaine. "It will never be over, will it?" Then. The lights went off.

Kaine got to his feet. "Its here." The Darkness crept out from behind the fridge. The reptilian eye appeared in the shadows. "It will never be over. Ill keep growing stronger with every soul i devour." Kaine pointed a gun at the creature. "This has silver bullets in it! Stay back!" The Darkness disappeared. "That was too easy." Suddenly Kaine pointed the gun at John. "What are you doing man?" Kaine looked shocked. John moved to the right. The gun followed. "Man, don't point that thing at..." BANG.

John fell to the floor. He had a bullet hole in his head. Greg screamed in horror. Kaine screamed in anger. Then, the darkness started pouring out of the barrel of the gun like a stream of water. Kaine threw the gun against the wall. The shadows raised up to a 7 foot height. And started morphing into something. Something muscular. Something solid. The one eye turned to two. the 7 foot reptilian type creature snarled at Kaine. "Its time to perish..."

Kaine stared. mouth agape, at the creature. "What are you?" The creature snarled. "I am the creation of all man kinds hatred and evil. Some call me The Darkness. But my true name is Advent. I prey on those that will become filled with hate when they are older. And those who are already filled with hate. This is my true form. Kaine. Your my next victim." Kaine shot his remaining bullet at Advent. The bullet disintegrated when it hit Advent's skin. "I cannot be harmed by your feeble human weapons." Greg pointed out the window. "The Suns coming up! He'll disappear!" Advent seemed to smile. The Sun was now up.

"It cant be!" Whispered Kaine. "You should be gone." Advent laughed. "That's what you think. It just shows how little you know about me." Kaine squinted at Advent. Something seemed different. Then it hit him. There was no blackish purple aura around Advent anymore. He must be vulnerable now. John pulled out his gun and pointed it at Advent. "Don't move!" Advent smirked. "You already tried that remember?" John looked at Kaine. "It will work now. shoot him John!" John took aim and fired...

BANG! Yet again the bullet disintegrated. Kaine was stunned. But how? The aura was gone. Advent started floating a couple inches off the floor. "You mean you haven't figured it out yet?" His eyes started glowing neon blue. The Sun started to lower. Soon the Sun had set completely. Advent lowered to the floor. "Check your watch Agent Kaine." Kaine looked at his watch. "2:00 AM. Its still night!" John looked at Kaine in horror. "It can control the light! This explains why when Tony was killed the streetlights worked in the blizzard! It can control the light too!" Kaine looked at Advent and smiled. "All this time we've been trying to destroy the indestructible. Its evident now we cant win. But can you do us one favor, Advent?" Advent folded his huge muscular arms. "I suppose so." Kaine looked from Greg to  Advent. "Kill me and let Greg go." Greg looked at Kaine. Advent smiled. "Ill do you one better." Advent blinked his reptilian eyes. They started glowing Blinding Gold. Then as quick as it had started. It ended. The house erupted in a blast of pure Darkness and disappeared into the abyss.

Ever since Agents Kaine and John went missing with little Greg. No one else was attacked. The Creature was never seen again. To this day no one knows what happened that fateful night. Except me. The one who ended it all. I am Advent and I will strike again. Who knows? Maybe you'll be the next one to fall prey to the darkness in...


The End

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