Darkness Novel - Spectrum

Spectrum the first of a series of stories called Darkness, the first chapters, you'll see the evolution of a hero and create the greatest enemy of all.

- Run benefit the royal family from the castle, take him to the fortress Zay, I want you three with them forever, never to leave alone, you two get my mother and my brother and take them to the car. And you come with me if these monsters discover where the gold that they took everything and made with the other kingdoms.
- Yes sir.
The soldiers assigned to protect the royal family went to the throne room where the whole family was, the appointed to protect the family of nuke
- Majesty we have to leave the kingdom now, those things hit us, as Mr. He said that would do.
- Soldier, he sent soldiers?
- Yes, he gave orders to kill everyone. And told us to get them here, and leads them to Zay.
- It is better to do.
All went to the deepest dungeon of the castle there and took the car that led to Zay.
- Lord Nuke, they are much stronger, we have no chance.
Nuke thought for a moment
- All right, I never thought I would have to prove, but the time has come, I am so sorry. Get out of here, I do them, will protect the treasure of the king.
- But L. ..
- Do what I said now.
- Allright. 
Garnet crossed the courtyard of the castle toward the gate that was the only crossing the inside and the outside, except the secret passage where the king was using at the moment.
Nuke waving to the guard opened the gate, but they hesitate to accept order, so they opened the gate you can see the Kirleis, they looked confused, and if entreolhavam - were 5 - Nuke began to talk.
- Sorry if I end up killing you, is not what I want but if you do not leave now and never again is what will happen.
They looked at Nuke and one of them - the highest - began to laugh, followed by four others.
- You can be crazy if you think you can beat us, you have no chance.
- Well, I'll take that as a no, I m sorry, I did not want to kill one of my own kind, but we must.
- What are your own kind, you are one of us, impossible!
- I do not have anything to say, I apologize, and that their souls will forgive me. - Garnet was straight and closed his eyes, had stones in their hands, for a moment you can hear a noise acute and when the stones were stopped powder, just below the hands of Nuke.
- It will be interesting - one of Kirleis said.
- You have not seen anything - said Garnet harsh.
- Attack him - screamed the last on the right.


We as human beings but have different characteristics. But few of us have special skills which do not have is why did not complete the development during pregnancy, so just born with the skills of our common species, they are stronger, faster, has all the senses more refined, such as vision, hearing and smell. But we, besides not being Kirleis's, have other skills besides the different meanings of Kirleis's we also have a keen Tato - this is a skill that is very rare, but may be developed, with a touch can know what a person think, feel or want, but as I said we are not Kirleis's, we are the Etkirl.

Chapter 1

- Son take care, find out if someone I do not know what would be us.
- All right Mom, I'll be careful, I promise to control. - Will be difficult, but I can - no need to worry.
- I will try.
And so, knowing that my mother would check if I could leave without worry that the more common with her. Every morning as I was the house of my philosophy professor, he taught me everything I know to check my gift.
When I came to his door and came in two shots. He was sitting in my waiting.
- Hello Mr. Kendall.
- Keefe Hi, how are you?
- I'm fine and you sir, the pain in her back ... - Asked really worried.
- I'm better now, well we will start your lesson, I believe you did those exercises in levitation?
- Yes - respondi inevitable.
- Right now pr ... - He stopped and his face appeared a look of terror was when I realized that he was with the eyes fixed on something outside the house, when I turned to look, I could see, there was mounted on a horse with a sword fist directed at the neck of a peasant and that pointing to the home of Kendall, it was the reason for the amazement of his face, Poacher, the best hunter of the dark kingdom.
- We have a problem, - he stopped after a time continued - you look out the back and run as fast as you can, and will traverse the woods in your village, you will not look back will only run.
- C-Running, but ... - He stopped pushing me to the back door - I expected ...
- Run, then they look to already be in your town, now I listen carefully, remember when I said never to use your gift?
- Yes, I remember - I said what was already expected after that - I'm not waiting ready yet ...
- That yes, you can do it - I stopped saying 'no' - you learn everything I taught you?
- Yes ma ...
- You can, yes, now go and protect his mother - my mother what he means by that.
When he told me to go protect my mom I started to walk when I noticed I ran out of the trees, in little time I arrived in my village and Kendall was right, the soldiers were from Poacher everywhere, bodies scattered everywhere to was when I remembered what Kendall said.
- Mom! - I ran to my house but that opened the door one of the soldiers got out of there, was when a gap between him and the doorway I saw her, she was on the table hugging the legs, when I saw the ground to side of the table - what I froze as if everything around me had also frozen when I came back to reality the only thing in which I thought was to decapitate it be repugnant - the side of the table was the head of my mother with the eyes in penetrating soldier as if he said "kill him, kill him" was what I did with just two fingers in the air I stood and began to enforce it in a few seconds he began to stop debating and loosen it again breathing, but it would not be a relief for a long time, it was not long, your veins jets exploded in blood, a relaxing silence followed.
The silence was broken by the hum of a blade cutting the air in my direction I dodge, I below and scrolling to the right - a soldier - I throw away, his sword fell to the ground which was of stone and caused a clang drawing the attention of other soldiers, I got the sword right time for me to defend the soldier that materialized within seconds to my side.
- You will die - he said wheezing.
- It is better so, why not if I die you die - threats are a great trick to destabilize a soldier weak and terrible in the art of fencing.
He launched in my direction, the blade cut the air and struck the mine, the force made me a little while back in the best fencing I was not as strong as him.
- You will not last long, you are not dead just yet realized. - He speaks as if the first blow was the last - and really was, for him.
- You talk too much, more should have been forgotten that came here, I think to hunt Kirleis's - what I'm saying I never said so before, that I am not - but to your displeasure you have not found one but Kirleis a Etkirl - this news has come in his face an expression of surprise and pain imminent.
- O-What?
- It was a pleasure fighting with you - that I cut with a sword in his hand and my stick on his neck - was the only part without protection.
- Get it - shouted another soldier.
I had not much time with my classes Kendall not help me much, they were about seven and I am one.
- Wait, I can use the explosion - of a right ta grume taught me things that can help me.
The first soldier is laid on me, I get rid of him cutting his head in half, but the other six came, and I think I needed to concentrate the amount of energy sufficient to expand or explode as Kendall said.
It was fast, Kendall always said I had tele much kinetic energy, though I do not know what it means.
- You are finished - and so, their bodies are broken with the force of the explosion in less than 5 seconds is just everything including my strengths, I was weak and could not defend myself when I captured two soldiers.
- What we do with it? - Asked a soldier to another. There was silence, apparently not even the other soldiers knew what to do, but it was not, I was tired of all to think what had happened but was not needed after a terrifying silence a voice even more terrifying said:
- Take it to the king, he has an impressive gift may be used in some special work - especially work, what he is talking, I killed 9 soldiers and he saves my life, it must be some crazy merciful, but wait I know that voice, it can not be, it Poacher, but the rule is kill any and all Kirleis or Etkirl, why he let me live?
- Why? - Was just what came out.
- Why, how so? - Poacher said confused.
- Why am I still alive? - This is the right question to make.
- Why? By pure interest, but if you question so I can kill you now.
- No, I still have ... I have to kill whoever sent you here - threats.
- HAHAHAHAHA, I will keep you alive, you can be much more than a slave, you are very optimistic to think that you can kill me, or even kill the king, now shut up - he stopped a moment, but soon returned to speak - Take him to the castle, put him in the dungeon and extinguish it, he is weak now but if he can not recover the forces stop him.
And the silence was followed by a quick pain that led me to unconsciousness.
When I woke I was arrested for running and everything was dark, a vacuum, "is that I am dead" can not be, he said it would take me to the king, but the qu ... - A noise of a lock and open the metal I took from my thoughts.
- Does he still alive? - Said one of the soldiers.
- What does he want with me? - My voice came out weak, the air environmental burned at the bottom of my nose.
- He told us, alias he told anyone - her voice was filled with suspicion - now come on, they want to see you.
- I see? - Perfect - What they want me?
- He has not said that we do not know of anything - is, he said but I have to pay the idiot.
They took me from the saddle, I could not see much, only what I saw were other saddles, some I could see that there was someone there, we were climbing a ladder, I have not noticed if it were not for the fact that I stumble several times. A few steps later I could see a bright light and a silhouette that even I was only at half the vision once I realized who it was.
- I like their accommodations - that damn voice again. We arrived at the end of the staircase and the light that has invaded my eyes burn.
I said, nothing more he spoke, he took me by the arm and release the soldiers gave me a push so I started walking.
- Are you ready? - My voice was still weak, and not alone, that explosion has left me very weak.
- Ready for what? - He did not understand.
- To die. - We stopped for about two seconds, my vision returned to normal now, when he started to walk back to laugh and talk.
- You know, you are very funny, you think you can kill me, this is simply hilarious - my odds are increasing more every minute, if he continues to be sarcastic like that.
- And oh, I decided my verdict, I will be burnt in public square, beheaded in public square, which will be?
- Rendering, we will cut off your feet, then her legs, to the penis, your arms and finally the head h and all in public squares. - More sarcasm.
- And then you also do not know, is not it?
- No.
- Good to know that.
We arrived to a huge wooden door - it had notched several angels made of gold - she was guarded by two soldiers, not the same size as her, but they seemed two rhinos in the form of people, the visa will be more difficult than I thought. He waved to the guards, and they beat on the door as if it were a sort of secret password.
- When it comes kneels down and the head - Poacher despite being an expert killer seemed to have much hope.
- Do you really think I do that?
- No, I do not think you will do this, but your head is, if you want to keep it intact, do what I said - and then is that I'm hilarious.
The door was opened, and the strange feeling of surprise that I was prepared to contain both I did not, I did not feel anything, it was like I was their state there, the room was large and well lit, the images behind the windows were framed by the gold of his windows. There were four thrones, two were great achievements in pure gold and some angels carved on both sides of each seat, the other two children were more no less luxurious.
- Just ask when you are directed to speak - here we go again.
- Yes sir!
He looked as if he were saving the work for me to wash the square scarf and me right there.
A passage behind the throne suddenly left four people escorted by two guards.
One of the guards looked at me and seeing as I was once exclaimed, "all on your knees!" Of nothing helped, I continued to walk, where one of the soldiers suddenly stood up and came towards me but in the middle of the road he stopped and was on his knees again, then realized that the king looked, but to my misfortune in that moment when I FITEI he turned to me. He now looked at me with an amazingly warm and happy smile.
- So you Keefe ... Arthdale ... ? - How does he know my second name, I only miss ... - Darkfield, Lord mother mother father daughter of noble, I tried a lot to you, how your mother? - You idiot you are dead.
- I will kill you! - I go but after three steps I felt a weight on my legs and a force that pushed me toward the floor.
- Well, but what did I say? - If making poor.
- You send these killers to my village and one rape and kill my mother, and you still ask me what he did.
- God, forgive me but I swear I did not know, and I highly respected his mother, and what was the soldier who did this to your mother, tell me and I send kill him right now - a perfect speech.
- No need, I already did that, and two soldiers - and you'll be next.
- Poacher? - The king turned to him.
- Yes?
- You knew this and said nothing? - But that stupid question, but it helped him get off me and put it next to me stopped me, when I turned to see his face, I could see a tear - a drop but it was without doubt a tear but why.
- Three deaths mean nothing, and they for ... - The king interrupted the.
- This is not that I'm talking about, you know that one of its soldiers killed his mother and not informed me? - His mother, ma ... But.
- Nuke - the very name I forget my mind as the sun around which all morning.
- Do you remember? - Now he was talking to me.
Images that grume both taught me to remember back with the same speed at which my desire for killing Poacher is extinguished, the events of that day now haunt me for eternity.
40 years ago

My mother looked at me with that smile of anyone hiding something.
- Look kid is calm, everything will be okay ta, stay calm.
- Mom, I'm fine, but you do have to stay calm, just another invasion or attempt at least, Garnet will stop as they always did.
- But this time they saw Kirleis's much more than the last time, some Kirleis's soldiers are keeping us busy, while others are trying to overcome the gate, his brother said they are more organized than before e. .. - She started getting hysterical.
- MA ... Mom, look at me, look at me mom, the Nuke will give them, he is the best, he can, as always, okay now ... - I was interrupted when two soldiers burst forth inside the door.
- Mrs. Darkfield come with us, we have direct orders from his son to take her car to escape from the royal family and the Lord Craig waiting.
- All right, son get their books we have to go with them. - I need but did not see what she told me.
The soldiers escorted us to the Cave of the cursed deepest dungeon of the castle, in the way we pass by an open space there and I had a broad vision of the main courtyard of the castle where my brother Nuke fought bravely against five Kirls, he shot a against the wall and broke the head of another - thanks to his skill he could suck all the strength of materials and move to your skin - when the third jumped for him, he lowered it and got the foot and shot, when I follow the direction to which the body followed I had the worst vision of all, a group of uncountable Kirleis's gone beyond the walls of the castle and took my brother, he managed to get his sword before he mutilated some Kirleis's but was not enough, the flock threw him down and he collapsed, was when one of the soldiers who escorted me pulled in, I soon saw the reason, the Kirleis's now for my brother now jumped through the vaults of the castle to reach us.
- Come on boy, run, run - I ran the best I could.
When I gave for me we were in the middle of the stairway that led up to the coach. I could not stop thinking about my brother, he is alive. We ran down stairs when I was forced to stop because the soldier and tapava me holding my mouth with the left hand and pointed to the right, I follow the direction to which he pointed and saw, all soldiers were killed, and my father and the entire royal family was on his knees in front of six Kirleis's, we stop and observe for a few seconds until one of the Kirleis's got the sword of one of the soldiers killed and pointed to the head of my father, I was not scared, they never do that, if they were declaring war on kingdom of Etrom, but the unexpected happened, my father held him by the hair and put the sword into his belly, a jet of blood came out of his mouth, after that I could not tell me, got the sword of the soldier who was beside me the push and ran toward them, the first thing I saw was launched on me, I broke in half and elusive, even though I too young - 17 - I was taught by best swordsman in the whole kingdom, my brother, has another behind I took a spin and cut his head, the soldier of whom I got to get a sword that was on the floor and helped me the other did the same in minutes kill us all, except what had just hurt my father, he moved with his sword in hand, the disarmament and I got killed by the hair and the way it once with my father. When he fell to the floor I ran to see my father, he was already dead, the clear blue eyes looked at the empty, I closed the drain and saw a tear in his face, but it was not mine, but I could not stay there with him for a long time, the Kirleis that's followed in a little closer now, I stood and tried to stay in control.
- Get in the car now, are we not we have ... - Noise from the stairs caused silence, until it was broken by a major and a cry of pain, was one of them, he cut the air and struck the king, took the other soldier, the soldier managed to kill the other to attack the king who attacked his friend and I killed, I got a kill before he attack the Queen but the other time was late, I killed him and saw the queen, her head fly a few meters, it was this moment that followed a tip an agonizing pain consumed me, I felt as if something inside me would explode, it used to take me back to reality.
- Mom? - She looked terrified, probably had never seen me killing someone.
- S-Yes - it stutter.
- Get the boy and the child, take us to the fortress, soldier go with it.
- What about you? - I asked him.
- I h ... I'll be fine, take care of them when everything is quiet I will to the fortress, are now, we have no time to lose.
The soldier based, took the child and placed in the car after the boy came, my mother hugged me and said that waiting for me, I gave a kiss on his forehead, she rose and left the car.
I turned and went back to look for my father, and that damn pain only increased, my thoughts were sumindo more until I lost all consciousness, after that the only thing of which I remember was a bang of an explosion scary and I being launched in any direction that I know when I woke I was in the village of yll.

- You do not remember anything? - I asked the king.
- No, but wait, you were dead, I remember to have seen a Kirleis fly on top of you.
- What you saw was my father, that day I took the throne, even after 16 years, my sister married the prince of Gynu - Gynu ally of the kingdom Etrom.
- Is the release for me, the current pinch a bit? - I remember that day just with my plans.
- Oh, yeah sure, you soldier ... - The king was interrupted by the noise of a lamina counting the air and then on to my current environment.
"Nuke" when I turned around he dropped the sword on the floor and gave me an unexpected hug, they mumble something like, "I always thought you were dead," I return the hug, and more a memory flooded my mind, the day where I became a knight legitimate - the best of academia, not only won on my brother - just after the ceremony he gave me hug and said:
- I am very proud of you, you surprised me.
- Thanks, but that will not make me forget that he is not here - my father never liked the idea of me becoming a knight, he said this was pro Nuke thing, to him I had to work hard to take his position Director of Lord.
- Look, do not call what he says, you are the best brother anyone can have the best son, too, only he does not see it.
"You okay?", His voice calm I took the daydreams of a life forgotten.
- Yes - my voice came out suffocated by his shoulder.
- Do you still want an answer? - The king was now before us.
I had not understood, response to that. But I do not have to answer, he must have noticed that I did not know what he was talking about.
- I want you, why you kept alive, you do not want the answer to the questions that made even while sleeping? - Is true, with so much in my head I just me forgetting that.
- What is the answer to these questions?
- I need your help. - My help.
- You said it does not involve anyone else, and how he could help us? - My brother, now was between the king and me.
- That was until I discovered that he taught Kendall. - How did he know, I need to know.
- How do you know Kendall? - He has a smile full of pride escape.
- Spies - "Spies" can not be true - they infiltrated the kingdoms, villages, they are everywhere.
- Why?
- Forming a group to defend the kingdom. - Defend the kingdom.
- From that, an army, which was one of his spies were caught by another kingdom and are now at war?
- In the autumn a group of spies who met to exchange information in the forest was attacked by a group of Kirleis's, before being killed the possible leader of the group made a small speech where he said that the renegades - Kirleis group who want to take the power of the kingdom - formed a resistance, they recruited Kirleis's in all kingdoms. They are doing this since the last attack - impossible - to forty years, which only survived the attack that the kingdom of Gynu sent troops to help us, but this time I am speaking of a Kirleis for every two soldiers, That not including the Etkirl's.
- So you want to do the same, form an army to catch them before the attack? - Tactical rid ...
- You let them come closer and then destroy them?
- You are so smart as his brother. But you only understand half of the plan.
After a pause he continued.
- I want you and your brother's Etkirl recruit the most powerful to find, you just have a limit of seven Etkirl's, so you will be nine, a number very good - not in a war, but wait a bit.
- You want me to do part of that group?
- Yes
- Brother you is not obliged to do so, and that someone ten ... - I stopped.
- What do I gain by that? - Or he hopes that I risk my life for his kingdom of grace.
- Land and very gold, not counting anyone know you are, but you we run the risk of a new attack, you will be required, and will help - I very low price to pay, he is hiding something.
- I accept, I accept the land but want to stay here in the kingdom, and take the place of my father, I will be Lord Arthdale Director, Realizing the dream of my father, it is logical if you accept - is that they keep the friends around, I have enemies closer - you accept?
- Keefe Arthdale Darkfield is welcome to Darkness tactic of war. - Dark, very good.
The End

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