"Daren, who were my parents?"


"Daren, I figured it out and I wont remember it anyway, who were they?"

Daren sighed "They were incredible people, Mathew Brood and Delphrina Abaley. Your father was a shadow, one that often stuck to the rules, but when he was wandering the forest, he saw your mother, rebelious and beautiful, she saw him imediately and just like that, the borders of our kingdoms began to merge in harmony. Your mother was heir to the throne of the light kingdom and when your father proposed, our kingdoms were becoming one, then they had you, the child of ballance and then there was only one kingdom, everyone adored you." he smiled and brushed the hair from my face "Your parents loved you so much, they would never leave your side"

I knew there was more "What happened next?"

"No more Leenie, Your memories-"

"Will only be more painful as they are stopped, if I can remember bits at a time, I can dodge the pain"


The End

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