I woke up in Daren's arms, he was still holding onto me, so close I knew he could feel my every movement. "Leenie? You awake?"


"Hows your head?" Daren's hand ran itself through my hair

"It doesn't hurt anymore"

Daren sighed with relief and I felt a light pressure on my head "I'm glad"

"Daren, when I....when I was in pain, I remembered things but I need you to tell me what they mean or at least tell me how important they are in my past"

Daren stiffened, trust me to ruin the moment. "Leenie, I want to tell you but I don't want you to experience that pain, I had to cast a healing circle to try and pull you from your pain, it took alot of us for it to work"

"I'm sorry, I wont bring it up again"

"Leenie, I don't mind it's don't know how frustrating it is, I want you to remember your past soon but to do so would cause you pain and that would kill me, I could never do that to you"

I hugged myself to him and he relaxed instantly "You know, I think I have possibly gone insane"

Daren chuckled "Why's that?"

"Because, the day you brought me here, I was engaged what was it 3 days ago?"

"3 weeks, you slept for a long time"

"Okay, 3 weeks agao I was in the light kingdom, following a routine that was so boring......I honestly don't know how I stayed awake and now look, I'm here, in the shadow kingdom and I've fallen in love with a shadow" I stopped abruptly, did I just say that?!

"And whats worse.....I'm the prince" he shook his  head "You sure can pick them"

Did he not notice what I said? I used the word love!

"Leenie, for the record, I've fallen in love too and I don't think I can ever bear to see the girl depart from my arms"

"And whats worse, she's the light princess" I half smiled

"Not that you look it"


"You haven't looked a your reflection lately but you do not look like their princess"

I tried to get up "Hey now, stay calm" He released me from his arms and tookhold of my hand, leading me toward the mirror, I gasped. My hair was no longer silver, it was the color of was brown and my eyes, they were shocking, blue around the edges, green in the middle, and around the pupil, it was tinged brown! My skin was an olive tone now, my cheeks were flushed "What......?"

"You have been exposed to nothing but ight, it was making you weak, you hae changed back into how you should look"

"But that means I am not of the light kingdom"


"And I am not of the shadows"


It flashed across my brain then "The child of balance, it cannot be"

"I'm the balance, I'm both of the two combined"


"Oh my........" Then my parents must have been from light and dark! My goodness!

The End

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