Burning memoriesMature

Everything is on fire! My heart, my lungs, my head! I can't breath!


I want to speak but when I open my mouth, I scream, it is a terrible noise, it hurts.

"Leenie! Stay with me Leenie!"

Stay? But I'm already there, my body is at least. Another wave of pain burns through my mind and I fight back the screams. It hurts! It hurts! I can feel the memories bubbling in the back of my head, all trying to come to the front of my mind at one time. Stop! I can't take it!

A thousand faces race across my mind, a thousand memories, a thousand voices, a dozen screams. No! Stop! No more!

A man's face flashes into my head "You will become the pure one"

What was that?!

"The child of balance! It cannot be"

"Leenie, you really need to stand up for yourself"


I screamed again, this time louder and higher, was this what Daren meant? This is the pain? The pain of my burning memories.

"Damn it Leenie! Your not leaving me! Not again!"

My eyes snapped open, Daren's hands were on my cheeks, several people were standing around the place I had been laid on, Daren's eyes were closed but her opened them and met mine with relief "Leenie" He pulled me into a tight hug

"Daren, my head, it...it burns"

"I know Leenie, I know, the pain will ease off soon, don't worry"

I hugged myself closer "I remember...something...."

"Shhhhhh, we'll talk about it later, hush now" I just lay in Daren's arms for a long time, etting his voice send me into a dreamless sleep.

The End

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