"Emma?" I knocked on my door and opened it, two men were standing outside it in armour, guards.

 I rolled my eyes "Excuse me sir?"

"What is it my lady?"

"I need to speak with the master of this house, could you please take me to him?"

He looked too the other guy who shook his head "I'm not sure if that would be possible my lady"

"Why would that be?"

"The master of this house has several classes he needs to attend, he must study like any other prince"

"Alright then, thank you but when he is free I would like you to inform me, it is very urgent"

"Yes my lady, I will inform you"

I smiled in thanks and whent back into my room. I'm so bored!

Why not read a book then?


Yep, it's me

I need to talk to you when your done studying

Okay, but can't you do it now?

I'd rather do it face to face, it would be better that way

Alright then, I'll finish up here and come collect you from your room

Oh yeah, that remnds me, whats up with the guards? It's not like I could escape if I wanted to if I'm honest.

I believe that but I want you to be safe, if you need help but I can't get to you fast enough....well you are very fragile, I want you to be safe, like I said.

Okay, I get it, I'll talk to you soon Daren.

I threw mysef at the bed and sighed, this room was dull already, thought it probably doesn't help that I'm being held here against my will, I winder if their searching for me back home, and Sebastian, huh, I hadn't thought of him, then, I guesse it's normal, being kidnapped does tend to occupy your mind a bit. But usually when I think his name I get butterflies and when I picture his face....goosebumps but I don't feel anything, nothing at all.

"Okay sir, we'll leave you two to talk, call us if theres trouble"

"I will, thank you John, thank you Jebson" The door opened  and Daren stepped in, his face cautious as he closed the door behind him. I sat up. "What did you need to talk about?"

"Well, earlier, I had a feeling that something felt familiar and you said something about a bad childhood and not remembering it so I decided to try and recover something, anything that would help"

His face froze "And what did you remember?"

"A boy, he had black hair, blue eyes and a very familiar cocky smile....." I ooked at him meaningfuly "Daren, how do you know me? And don't tell me you just decided to kidnap me because most kidnappers don't care about the kidnappee, they just set out to get what they want from them and then they end up dying or being discarded right? So how do you know me?"

His face turned hard as stone "I can't tell you, it would mean nothing to you if you were told"

I stood up "I deserve to learn the truth!"

"The truth can hurt!"

"The truth can set me free!" I scowled at him "All my life I've followed the same stupid routine and pattern, I never questioned it, ever, come to think of it, I've never even met my parents! I have never thought about the past, until now because I met you and you turned my world upside down and everything is new and exciting and-"

"Leenie! I am not going to tell you!" his words were so harsh that I flinched and my eyes started to prick "I want to Leenie but I can't, it would cause you too much pain, so stop it"

"I'm sorry Daren I-" My head started to burn and band and I screamed


The End

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