My eyes widened but I did not move, my body wasfrozen bt at the same time, my blood was boiling, what the hell is going on with me? His deep blue eyes held mine and I could not look away, I felt the need to but I also wanted to stay there forever. No! I told myself, this is the guy who kidnapped you! Who turned your whole life upside down and ruined your happiness! You cannot let him win!

I pulled away from him and covered my mouth "You-you-you....I can't even say the word!"

"Oh? And why is that?"

"Because I am the pure princess and I do not swear! Nor do I insult or...." crud, I have insulted him and I hit him, all in the same minute too!

Daren stifled a laugh and I narrowed my eyes "Forgive me Catleen but I hav never seen you so perplexed, it is a priceless expression"

I balled my hands into little fists and winced, this is a strange sensation, a bad, horrible sensation, it makes me want to scream-another thing I have never done.

Dare stopped laughing immediately "Whats wrong?"

 I shook my head.

"Catleen, you just winced, tell me what s wrong so I can check it out, you could be badly hurt"

I sighed and held out my hand, I know the name of the sensation now, it is pain "It's nothing, I guesse I must have hurt it earlier when I.....hit you"

Daren took my hand very carefuly and looked at it for a long time "It's not to bad, but it seens as though you may have a bruise" he sighed "Honestly Catleen, if your going to hit me, a least toughen up a bit or put on a glove firs or hit me with the  table leg, just be careful, you worried me"

I felt the shock  on my face, mixed with gratitude as he tore off part of his shirt and dabbed it in a bowl of cold water,  pressing it to my hand, I held back the wince "But your shirt..."

Daren smiled "It's no problem Catleen, I have many shirts and I can always have it patched up"

I coudn't stop myself from staring at him, he was acting completely different, not a minute ago was he being arrogant, rude and cocky and now he's and sweet and.......

Daren look up at me "What?" he smied "Have I got something on my face?"

I shook my head and looked down, Daren laughed "You truly are a puzzle Leenie, I can never quite.......predict your thoughts, your very complicated"

"What did you just call me?" I titled my head, the name sounded familiar

"Oh, uh...I don't remember"

I rolled my eyes "You called me Leenie"

"Sorry Catleen I didn't mean to-"

"No, I like it, no one has ever bothered or cared ebough to create a nickname for me before well, there was one person.....nevermind"

Daren smiled a small smile "Do you remember who it was, this person?"

I shook my head and frowned "I do not recall much about my childhood but thats probably for the best" I bit my tongue, I had said too much

"You didn't have much of a childhood I guesse, as princess of the light kingdom it's only to be expected, they like their royalty to be pure, blonde hair, silver eyes" his hands balled up "They'd do anything to have a pure royal, even if it meant hurting them"

"Daren? Are you alright?"

"I'll be fine" he stood up "When you are done eating Emma will be  outside the door waiting for you, she will be your guide" he turned and walked away and, before I had any idea on what I was doing, I grabbed his shirt.


Daren, eyes wide, turned to me "What is it Leenie?" My head ached, why is this so familiar?

"I....." I wihdrew my hand "Sorry Daren, I....I don't quite know what happened"

Daren hesitantly reached out and ruffled my hair "I'll see you soon Leenie, take care"


I layed on the bed in my room and thought about the past hour, Daren had acted so kind and it was so  familiar and I somehow felt I could talk to him freely and the truth syrum had already worn off.

I knew I was missing some part of my memory, and it had something to do with how Daren had treated me today. I thought long and hard, trying to capture an ounce of my memory, my head killed but I continued to press it, I have to know. One thing flashed through my mind, a small boy in the forest with black hair and blue eyes, smiling a familiar cocky smile............

I jumped up, I knew what I had to do next.

The End

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