I notice how the halls are empty most of the time, abssent of protectors and cleaners and members of court, there was one or two men in armour and they were laughing heartily an bid us hello with a smile and a wave and they were caked in mud! If my court saw ths they would go bizerk! I almost giggled at the thought, we went down a long corridoor filled with painings but I did not get the chance to admire the workmanship, Emma continued to move until we stopped outside of the the private dining room. I suddenly felt very nervous.

"Right" Emma smiled "Just remember to be yourself and you'll be fine" and, with one last parting smile, she left me outside of the private dining room, alone.

I knocked the door lightly

"Come in"

I took a deep, calming breath and entered the room "Good morning Daren" I kertseed awkwardly.

"G-Good morning Catleen" He  rose from his seat 'Uh...please, sit" he sat down at a small table and I sat opposite. "I hope you slept well"

"Yes, thank you, you have been very generous" I can tell that he must be thinking of my outburst yesterday and comparing it to my behavior now but I am going o be on my best behavior, he wont see how he gets to me. "I hope you had a pleasant evening also"

"Yes, thank you Catleen" I could feel his confusion as he tried to get ino my brain but I woudn't let him get in "Do you have any plans for today?" Okay, he is deffinately trying to tick me off.

I smiled "Not yet, why do you ask?"

"I thought we could spend the day together" he took a sip from his goblet "What do you think?"

I sipped at the liquid in my goblet too, ignoring the alcoholic taste and putting it down "I think that would"

Daren's eyes narrowed and I felt like I wanted to laugh "Tell the truth"

"I thik that would be the w-" I covered my mouth, stopping the words in their tracks

"The what?" he smiled  condecendingly "Tellme what you really  think"

"Your an evil, underhanded, sneaky, two faced, ignorant, pompos fool" I covered my mouth, why the hell did I tell him that?!

"Oh Catleen" he shook his head and smiled at me "You really shouldn't be so rude to your host, especially when he's put truth syrum in your wine"

I narrowed my eyes as him as he got up an came to stand beside me.

"Now, since this oportunity is far too good to waste, I  want you to tell me if you find me atractive"

My eyes widened and I clamped my mouth even firmer shut. Daren smiled and put his hand over mine, prying it from my face but I refused to open my mouth, he laughed and held my nose, waiting for me to run out of air. My mouth opened.

"Do you find me attractive? The truth"

Luck was in my favor, my voice dried up, I smiled and shook my head, I won't tell.

"Catleen, you really should not deny your host" he shook his head "It isn't proper"

"To hell with proper! Like I give one damn about proper! Just do me a favor Daren, nex time you decide to steal a girl away from home for no apparent reason, picked one without will power and the strength to hit back" then my hand very deliberately and with an audibe slap, made contact with his cheek

Daren's eyes were wide, my face was livid and then, Daren smiled "Thats my girl" and he kissed me,  again. For crying out loud!

The End

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