I cried for what felt like hours and I was truly exhausted, I fell asleep curled up in a tight ball, hoping to stea away at leas an hours peace.

Everything is black, everything contains darkness, darkness is everywhere and in everyone, you cannot escape it.

I am sitting alone in the dark wearing a ball gown, it is white, my hair is silver as are my eyes but I look truly awful, my skin is so very pale and I look so weak...what happened to me? "Care to dance?" I looked up from the floor to be met by a pair of stunning blue eyes, I take his hand and he pulls me up, pressing me to his chest. We take our positions for a dance I have not danced before but somehow know, the tango. He spins me and twirls me across the floor and things begin to change, we are in a ball room lit by candle lght, my dress is scarlet and my hair, my hair is brown, I look healthier, brighter, happier and then I see my eyes, the deepest of dark greens, is this what I am supposed to look like? We stop and the music fades, he bows and kisses my hand "Good night Catleen"
"Good night Daren"

My eyes fluttered open to the bright lights in the room, artificial sunlight, a substitute.I looked around in amazement, it had not been this brightly lit last time, how long ago was it? I wonder what time it is...... I see a note attached to the foot of the bed so  sit up and read it:


I hope the room is to your liking, we have made sure to light the rooms up as we usually would but with a little bit more intensity so you are more accustomed to your surroundings, someone will come to help find you some fresh clothes and draw you a bath, please treat this as your room. I am sure you are curious about the time of day but when I wrote this you were stirring and readying yourself to wake, it is still the eary hours of the morning.


I had to say that I was shocked, why should he be so thoughtful? I feel so....guilty. I almost laugh at myself,  feel guilty towards the person that is holding me hostage, I have definately been raised in the light kingdom.

"Excuse me? Miss? May I come in?"

"Uh...yes, come in"

A woman stepps into the room with a kind smile on her face, her hair is black with a green tint to it, her eyes are also black. "My name is Emmaseya but you can call me Emma"

"I'm Catleen but you can call me Catie"

"Cool, now Catie, I have to draw your bath, so while I do that could you please put on the obe by the bedside? Then while you bathe I will lay out some clothes for you"

"Yes, thank you Emma"

She smiles at me and goes through a door in the far wall I imagine is the bathroom. Whle she is in there I do as she says and put on the ash colored robe, I notice it has a golden D embroidered into it and I wonder if it stands for Darkness or Daren.  look around the room and see everything for the first time, along the far wall is a wardrobe, a bookcase and he door to the bathroom, on the wall by the wndom, there is a chair and a small table, on the wall by the door, there is a mirror and by the wall next to me is a dresser and a desk. I waslaying on  a four poster bed with  red lace curtains and the bedding is also red but silk and there is a stuffed toy on the bed, it is a wolf I think, with a red ribbon tied around his neck as an improvised collar. The walls are red and gold with black designs in places and there are lighs all around the room.

"Catie, your bath is ready"

I look up and turn to face Emma, I smile "Thank you Emma"

Emma ssmies back at me and I walk n towards the bathroom, it too is brightly lit and I feel my cheeks flush slightly. I closed the door and slip off the robe , submerging in the hot bubbly water that somehow seems very familiar.


When I came back into the room-wait, my room, that sounds odd- when I came back into my room, there were some clothes laid out for me on the bed. It was a dress, a summer dress and it was a soft pink. I pulled it over my head as quickly as possible and then pulled on my underwear-duh!.  There was a knock at my door "Who is it?" I was drying my hair now, it seemed a little more.....colouful, with a golden shine.

"It is Emma again"

I pulled on the pink ballet slippers she had laid out "Come in Emma, I'm decent"

Emma opened the door and smiled "You look lovely Catie"

"Thank you Emma, you have amazing taste"

She beamed a huge smile "Than you, now I hae been asked to inform you that breakfast has been prepared and is just about to be served in the private dining hall. Master Daren says you do not have to come if you do not want to but he would like you to eat something"

This confused me greatly but I did not want my guit to increase and be rude "I will go to the private dining hall but I don't suppose you could show me the way?"

Emma smiled "Of course, this way Catie"

The End

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