The castle is as creepy and dark as the stories foretold , purple and black rock rising from the ground to create a gothic castle surrounded by a darker version of what our castle is. "Please, take me back" I whisper in defeat


I give up, my whole body is exhausted and I close my eyes "You have returned home safely with the girl?"

"Yes, tell them to prepare dinner in a coupleof hours, I will need to freshen up beforehand"

"Of course"

No one sounds shocked as he walked with me slung over his shoulder and I suspect that they have been waiting for their chance to kidnap me and I stupidly walked into their trap. We enter through another door and I am layed down "I wish she could see it"

"She will Daren, you must be patient"

"But she was going to marry him Fredrick, that low life"

"It is only to be expected, it was all part of the lie to which she is waking up from"

I hear him sigh and his approaching footsteps "Hurry Catleen" my cheeks burned as he softly pressed his lips to mine, my eyes flew open but I did not fight, nor could I. He pulled back.

"Will you stop with that? I am not a....just forget it" I close my eyes again and sigh, repressing the tears "I don't care any more"

"Catleen, I mean you no harm and though I do not mean to upset you, sometimes it is neccesary for me to tell the harsh truths"

"Like I said, I don't care any more, I'm exhausted, I'm angry, I'm upset and I'm a long way away from home. I. do. not. care."

Daren sat beside me and pulled me onto  his lap "I don't want to hear you say that Catleen! You should never stop caring! Never!"

"Why do you care so much? I am nothing more than a prize to you am I not? To flaunt your power and arrogance. So why should you care so much, if I stop caring it will make your job easier"


"How do you know my name? Who are you?"

"I am the prince of this kingdom, but you may call me Daren and the reason I know your name will come clear to you soon enough"

That means that I'll be trapped here. I wanted to scream, to fight, to do something, anything but I could not move, I was frozen with fear "How long do you intend to keep me here?" sillence. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS!"

"It's for your own good-"

"Get away from me! If I have to be kept prisoner here, I would rather reside in the dungeon than to be here with you!" My eyes stung furiously and I knew the tears were begining to escape. Daren narrowed his eyes and took me off his lap.

"Make sure that Ethan and Roverick are guarding the door, I do not want her trying to escape in thee night" he turned to me "You are going to stay here whether you like it or not"

The tears were set completely free by those words and I buried my face in my hands. The door slammed shut with an audible bang and I was left alone in the room to sob.

The End

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