I force a smile onto my face so I do not cause alarm but my heads dull ache is increasing with every congratulations, wih every over exagerated smile and with every song sung for us. I feel strange, like somethng is going to come from my stomache and past my throat. Sick, yes, that is how  I have heard it describe in books, I feel sick.

"Will you excuse me for a moment? I feel the need for some fresh air" Sebastian smiles at me, his eyes glittering.

My princess, beautiful, rich and naieve, the perfectly stupid girl for me. "Of course princess, take as much time as you need"

What was that? That.....those words....they were so bitter and horrid and tainted and.....unpure.

I smiled, bowed and left the room in a calm fasion, heading for  the great palace gardens.

"Good evening princess" I wonder if she is okay

"Good evening"

"Good evening Princess" I am so jealous! Sebastian is so handsome!

"Good evening"

I smile and wave until I get outside and am met with fresh air, I breath in deeply and walk further into the garden's heading for somewhere where I am not being watched by the protectors, somewhere private and peaceful.

The trees! I walk at a calm pace until I reach the border of the trees and I run, I have never run before but it feels good, it feels natural, it When I stop, I'm in an extremely small clearing, completely surrounded by trees. I do not know the place but it is beautiful, full of dark greens and muddy browns, something I have never before seen in....the...light....kingdom...........ah. I'm not in the light kingdom anymore, I am not in the boundary of the castle, this thought should make me sad and fearful but instead I am happy and excited.

I strech my arms out wide, letting the wind brush against my bare arms, I giggle at the feeling of it.

"It's an amzing feeling, isn't it Catleen"

I gasp in shock and stop giggling "Whoes out there and how do you know my name?"

"Is it really relevant in these surcomstances?"

"What surcomstances?"

"Lets see, your all alone in the shadow lands, your the princess and you have no defences, you do the math"

My eyes widen but I work to keep my voice controlled "I'm not scared of you shadow dweller, I have been brought up to know to never give in to the darkness and I don't intend on starting now"

The voice's laughter echoes around me "You were brought up to believe lies, darkness is not something you can simply resist, in every darkness you can see a light but there is also darkness in the light, darkness is everywhere and in everyone"

"I posses no darkness! I AM PURE AND I AM NOT AFRAID!"

I'm grabbed from behind and I scream in terror, the voice is at my ear now "Your right, you are pure Catleen, or, at least you were" The voice turns me to face it, it's a boy, older than me, he is dressed in a turtleneck top and trousers, both black and his hair too is black but his eyes are a stunning blue.

"What do you mean were?"

He smiles mockingly and in almost slow motion he bends his face to mine until our lips touch. He presses me tighter to his chest and I cannot move, I can barely comprehend what is happening, then it all snaps into place and I try to break free but he is strong and I posses no physical strength to fight back with. He pulls back and smiles at me "That is what I mean" my cheeks burn and I feel as though I want to hit him, a first time sensation for me, but he just laughs. "You've still got fight in you then?"

"Get off of me!"

He shakes his head "That is something I cannot do, you've started to hear thoughts"

I open my mouth to protest but he cuts me off

"You heard someone's true though did you not? From the one you thought you loved or  do you need reminding? 'My princess, beautiful, rich and naieve, the perfectly stupid girl for me.' "

"That waas his thoughts? But I thought he......your lying, you must be lying! Sebastian loves me!"

"He loves your money! He's using you!" His words cut at me like an icey dagger

Tears swell over in my eyes and gush down my cheeks, my body goes limp and I lose the fight, I do not care any more.

"Catleen, I am sorry but I cannot allow you to go back there, you are coming with me to the castle"

A new wave of panic runs through me and I desperately try to escape his hold "No! You can't take me there! No!" But he is already slinging me over his shoulder and running through the forest. "Let me go! Take me back! someone help!"

I am guessing that his idea is to ware me out and it works because by the time he slows down, my throat is dry and my arms are tired. "We're here" I look up and a tear trickles down my cheek, the castle of darkness.

The End

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