The life I lead is a charmed one, I have many servants, friends, tutors and many whom beg (and I mean that literaly) for my hand in marriage. But I am not like the others, I am not normal, so no normal suitor would be right for me, he has to be the chosen one. The chosen one must have certain qualities to complete the circle and to balance things, he must be......pure. I am pure, I wear white dresses to symbolise it, my hair is a silvery blonde and my eyes are......they' Green? Brown? No, they are silver, of course they are. I'm not allowed to look at myself to often in the mirror, I barely get a glance a month. I'm told it is unpure to have thoughts about my appearance, so it is very difficult to describe myself, I know that my skin is luminous in certain lights, it's eery as well as pretty.

"Your highness, you are awaited in the dining hall"

Oh yes, I am also the princess and air to the throne of the light kingdom. I guesse I need to explain anything before I go on, the light kingdom is divided up into many parts around our world, it is ivided mainly by forests and lakes and the.....Shadow kingdom also know as the kingdom of darkness. I have never been out to explore it but many have been said to disappear into a demon's clutches or hypnotised to be a monster's supper. It is dangerous, which is why as the purest of pure, I cannot risk it, apparently.

"I will be down, could Sebastian be so kind as to escourt me? I do not wish to face my guardian unacompanied"

"A wise decision your highness, I will send for him immediately"

"Thank you Emily, you do know you may call me Catleen"

"Serving you is enough your grace"

I repress a sigh and smile at her as she leaves the room. No one ever calls me by my first name, not even my friends, there is only one person who has ever called me by my name but I cannot seem to remember who. No one speaks openly to me, nor do they insult me in any way, I have never experienced an insult or an injury, I have never been harmed, not once since I was born.

"Whats up Princess?" Sebastian peeks his head round the door, his smile as bright as the sun.

"Sebastian!" I smile in genuine relief and throw my arms around him. Sebastian has always been like a big brother to me and pretty soon, he might be more than that. "Thank goodness! I really don't want to face them alone, where were you?"

"Sorting something" he beamed "Lets go princess" Sebastian squeezed my hand then interlocked our arms together and lead the way out of my room to the dining hall. "Keep calm okay? It looks like everything will be going our way very soon"

"Why are you being so secretive?" I smile

"All for the love of seeing you smile, trust me Princess, this meeting is going to bring nothing but good"

And I do trust him, Sabastian is a friend, a brother, a soul in the same boat, we are so alike, the lightness in our hair is uncanny and Sabastian makes me smile.

We open the doors and I gasp at the scene around me "Good evening Princess and future kings Sebastian"

Future king? I look to Sebastian for an explanation, he smiles back at me sheepishly.

"Princess, my proposal has been accepted, I am-we are pure"

So this means...this means that.......I smile at him, tears spilling over with sheer joy "We are to be wed?"

"Yes" and the whole room erupts into cheers.

I have never been so happy, I will finally have a friend, a brother, a husband and maybe someday, a family. Sebastian  squeezes my hand and I squeeze back, he cannot imagine how happy I am, he must be able to feel it rolling off of me, like all soul mates, we are one.

Then, my head starts to hurt.

The End

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