Darkness in the lightMature

"Minister is all of this neccesary?"

"I will not have the child  step into the darkness, not even a mere fraction, she will be the sacred child of light"

"But minister her hair-"

"It is irrelivent, when the treatment has been given to her her hair will be in the past, she will be pure" his eyes are half mad, his silver hair shining in the moonlight, he is old, so very old but no-one dares to stop him.

People bang on the door "GIVE HER BACK XELUS!"

Xelus, the minister laughs "LIGHT WILL PREVAIL! HAIL THE SACRED CHILD!"

I myself want to stop him but I am not there, I am just a narrator who sees over everything, who tells the tales and this tale has just begun.........

Xelus puts the baby in the light and a scream resonates throughout the structure of the castle, silencing all "NO! XELUS! I CURSE THEE TO THE DEPTHS OF TARTARUS! THAT CHILD CAN NEVER BE IN BALANCE, DARK AND LIGHT MUST CO-EXIST OR BE DOOMED TO WAR! YOU FOOLISH CUR!"

All I can see is the one light, shining on the little girl, this tale is hers to tell.

The End

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