Investigating the UFOMature

Point of view: Sharonah

Sharonah flew quietly among the trees toward the voices in the distance. She had spent her whole life among the trees and swamps of the Amazonian River basin, so she felt right at home. She didn't feel quite at home with humans though. She had to be cautious about approaching anyone here in this time frame. They might just think she was a demon of some sort, and try to kill her.

When she reached the clearing, she perched high in a tree to watch and listen before she made her first move. In her home time of 2010 there had been some  interaction with humans, but not that much, until the humans from the future showed up in her realm in a space ship.

Her first assumption was that the small group below her were humans. Her assumption had been way off. She could hear every word that was said, as well as smell the people and creatures below her, and humans seemed to be a distinct minority.  She was a visionary, a seer, but she hadn't seen this one coming, at all.

To begin with, there was only one completely human being in the group below her, and she came attached at the heart with a dragon, of all things. She was very young and vulnerable compared to the predators in the rest of the group. Sharonah decided she would keep an eye on the girl and her scaly friend, and protect them if need be. Her wings were small, and she couldn't fly very high or very long, perhaps the dragon wouldn't mind flying her over the swamp to look for her dim witted nephew, Sellion.

Sharonah wrinkled her nose as she got a definite scent of walking, talking dead meat in the form of a vampire. She didn't care for vampires. To begin with, they tended to feed on elves several at a time, as if they were small snacks. She didn't intend to become a snack to any old evil bloodsucker.  She hated the vampire just on principle, and she hadn't even met him yet.

The smell of something else caught her attention, but she couldn't quite peg what it was. It was male, and looked human, but there was something in his aura, his look, and his smell that was all ... wrong. Definitely not human, at least not entirely. She'd be wary of this one, too.

There was a naked woman down there that wasn't entirely human, either. There was a trace of wolf in the fragrance she gave off, but the moon wasn't full, so the trace was dormant for now. She listened to the woman argue with the two 'men' and smiled. She certainly had spirit, that one. There was a cloud of deep pain and darkness in the woman's aura. There was also danger. Sharonah would have to be very careful around her, as well.

After a bit, she decided she'd better go looking for Sellion, that idiot. She was halfway inclined to let him rot in the swamp. She flew over the clearing, and spotted the UFO. She'd seen it when she first arrived, but she needed to know if the people below her were a threat first.

The ship didn't look anything like the Peacock. It was smaller, older, and  damaged.  She couldn't figure out whether it was upside down, or right side up. If the hull was thick enough, she wouldn't be able to sense if Sellion was in there or not. She'd have to take a look inside the thing.

Sharonah flew to the ship and perched on the part sticking up out of the muck. She began an entrance spell and got partly through the hull when she heard the woman shouting at her. She stopped for a moment to see if the woman posed a threat with a weapon or anything. There appeared to be no weapon, so the seer finished her spell and descended the rest of the way into the ship.

The minute she landed inside, she heard the terrified scream of Sellion. The little bugger was trapped in here somewhere! She could see that everything was upside down. That would make negotiating her way through the ship tricky. Sellion was technically not even her blood kin. He was her husband's nephew, but she had no children of her own, and she felt responsible for him. Right now she felt like becoming responsible for his sudden and untimely death. 

The End

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