Garret leaned against a nearby tree watching as the girl, the woman and dragon made their way out to the ship. He smirked and pushed his hands in his pockets. If he had known that the swamps were so lively he would have tread closer to the borders of the muck and water.

His bloody gaze flicked over the man, eyeing his cane as he mentioned that he had murdered his father. Garret chuckled, finding the idea delightful. He could just picture fighting this man, what a battle it would be. Garret opened his mouth and tasted the air, a subtle taste of sweat and blood caught his attention. It reminded him that he was hungry, no starving.

 "And what are you laughing at... vampire?" The other man growled. Garret quieted and raised an eyebrow, curious that this man knew what he was. Not many were smart enough or observant enough, to know. His eyes flicked quickly to the man’s hound, it was sizing him up and was waiting for a moment to strike. That’s right mutt, come and get me. I wouldn’t mind a little snack before my meal.

“Ah, you know I am a vampire, just how did you figure it out? I'm dying to know," Garret's smile widened flashing his fangs; he knew it wouldn't intimidate the man but it entertained him all the same.

"Simple matter really, I've met and dealt with your kind in the Jungles of Africa and the city of Paris. You scream vampire-" The man began to retort.

Suddenly the hound growling at him, leapt into the air. Its jaws were open and its teeth were waiting to latch onto Garret’s throat. In one swift movement, too fast for mortal eye to see, he swatted the dog away then appeared by its side. His hand clamped around its furry neck and his fingers dug into its skin. “A bit too slow,” he growled at the dog. A sound of mechanics drew his ear from the animal and Garret spun his head, from the cane the man had produced a curious looking weapon. Almost like a rifle but much more complex. This man was very interesting indeed.

"Ahem," Garret’s moved to watch the man, slightly perturbed that the man had interrupted his snack."Touch my hound and I shall lodge a bullet into your heart. You may be fast, you may not die but my aim is true and it shall bloody hurt!"

The man then returned his attention back to the vampire. Garret watched the man for a few moments before tossing the hound aside. He smiled sadistically and held his arms out to the side a bit.

"Shoot me, I dare you! I don’t doubt that your foolish weapon will hurt but when your body can stitch itself back together; you tend not to care too much. Fascinating weapon it is.  I should have gotten a drink before my curiosity got the better of me." Garret cocked his head, a sly grin on his lips "If you want, I'd happily drain you." He chuckled sarcastically. “I'm starving and you seem full of thick red life. I'll just take one tiny bite...It won't hurt too much and you won't die. Maybe."

“If you are trying to bait me, I am far beyond such childish tactics... and woman, you owe me for that knee. I shall make you pay!" the man turned around, his coat swirling around him as he walked slowly away. Garret chuckled and watched.

“Bait you? No, you sniveling brat, I am above such ways...if I honestly felt that compelled to drain you dry, I'd lock your mind in a trance. Then I'd have you right where I want you...Your brooding acts are far too entertaining to let you just walk away." In a flash Garret shifted in front of the man. His eyes glinting dangerously under the moon. Again using his speed, he gave the man a light push back, taunting him. "Not scared are you?" The man glared daggers in his eyes.

"No semblance of sanity can be born from a mind riddled with sadism. Come that close to me again and I shall plunge my blade into your heart. Nay, you speak of trances? Try to trance me, but just know my will is so strong I have negated Death herself!" the stranger roared. His body was tense and seething with fury. Garret rolled his eyes but the ending of what was said caught his attention. 

 "Lest you forget, as I vampire, death holds no bearing for me. Time cannot take me away and turn my body to dust, nor can your weapons." He paused growing tired of their banter. “I believe you forgot to tell me your name.” He jested.

“And why would I tell a creature such as you...” the man paused and a smirk grew over his face. “It’s Brakken, remember it when I kill you.

Garret nodded but his attention was diverted by the thunder of hooves. “Ah,” he hummed happily. “Sounds like the army is making their way here. I’ve never had my dinner delivered on a platter before.” He licked his lips and locked his eyes on the nearing figures. “If I were you Brakken, I’d kill them if you want to live. Humans are not fond of the supernatural as I’m sure you already know. Just stay out of my way, I’m starving and I won’t have any qualms in killing you if you appear before me.” His eyes shifted and filled completely crimson, the whites of his eyes were gone. This is going to be fun!

The End

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