Dragons and Wings Oh My!Mature

Point of View: Rachael


“Men,” Rachael snorted to herself more than anyone else. She removed herself from the tree, which had made nice scrapes in her back and sauntered between them. “Since neither of you wish to play with me I’ll go find something else to do.” Like fix my fucking ship, she thought.

“Move,” the man who’d kissed her growled.

“Shoot me,” she said not pausing at all, “see if I fucking care.”


Rachael just rolled her eyes at the feline and left the two men to sort themselves out. She added an extra swing to her hip, just because. If they wanted her they could come find her, right now she had to learn more about where she was.

“Mur?” Stowie fell in to step beside Rachael as she carefully made her way around the pond.

Trying to find a spit of land that got her close to the ship was nearly impossible. She was already on the closest side. Rachael snarled and just glared at the ship where it reflected the starlight. Stowie had once more disappeared, as was his feline nature; probably out hunting for something to eat.

Rachael snarled. She was hungry too.

“I wonder what that is?” a small voice queried from nearby.

Rachael looked over to see a teen standing beside, if Rachel was to believe her eyes, a small dragon. Unlike the men she’d just left, this girl posed no threat, the dragon on the other hand might but he looked to be hanging back.

“Come on let’s go see what it is,” the girl whispered excitedly.

“No Madeline,” the thing spoke startling Rachael. “I told you already, you’re only going to get us into trouble.”

Rachael moved closer to the two and decided to speak herself. “It’s a spaceship.”

The teen jumped as she turned around to face Rachael. “A what?” she asked looking startled and puzzled.

“You have no clothing,” the dragon remarked.

“Yes, well that would be one reason for me to try and return to my ship.” Rachael gestured over to her upside-down metallic Frisbee. As she did so she spotted a figure fluttering up to rest upon the top of it.

“HEY!” Rachael screamed as she ran to the edge of the water. “HEY GET OFF THAT! THAT”S MY SHIP!”

The figure apparently hadn’t heard her, or couldn’t distinguish Rachael from the muck. She got up to her waist in the murky water when the figure disappeared halfway into the ship, through solid metal!

“What the...” But Rachael’s expletive was cut short as the figure disappeared completely into the ship. “This is some fucking weird place I’ve landed on,” she muttered to herself before turning back to the Dragon and girl.

Stowie had reappeared and was cleaning himself. He seemed to be conversing with the Dragon. Rachael shook her head and waded back out to the trio.

“Stowie, you need to get me back to the ship.”


“I don’t think he wants to,” the Dragon responded.

Rachael sighed. “Of course he doesn’t.” She turned her glare back to the cat. “Look someone just melted through the metal and the place is fucked up enough as it is, I don’t need someone who had no fucking clue what a spaceship is messing it up further.”

“Why don’t you swim out?” the teen asked. “It’s not that far.”

Rachael took a deep breath, trying to remain calm. “I can’t swim,” she stated through gritted teeth before again turning a pleading look to the feline.

“I can,” the girl grinned. “You can ride Dosamus.”

The End

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