Arrival in the MarshesMature

Point of View: Brakken

Brakken had left Ursa and Amelia at the inn for he felt drawn to the crash... like an irresistable urge was pulling him in. Bloodwulf rushed ahead at great speed. He was an intelligent Wolf Hound, capable of thinking for himself whilst hunting. The informant could wait for now.

It wasn't long before Bloodwulf's distant bark alerted him and after catching up, he arrived in a dense, gloopy marshland.

"Well, what do we have here then... a corrupt Gentleman with his common whore," Brakken chuckled to himself. "What a delight that I should happen upon these circumstances," he studied the male who had raised an eyebrow, noting the red eyes, sharpened teeth and pale complexion. He turned to study the female.

"Whores take payment," she sauntered up to him, her face inches from his, "and it's highly unlikely I'm common." Her hand snaked towards his face. He reacted before he could think, grabbing her wrist and with his other hand clutched her throat, pushing her into a tree.

She scowled for a moment as Brakken leaned closer to her ear. "If you wanted to touch me, you merely needed to ask," Brakken half-smiled and kissed her roughly on the lips.  The woman kissed back before she suddenly kicked him in the crotch. Brakken doubled over in pain, but still smiled. "Ah, a feisty one," in a sweeping flourish, he brandished his cane and planted it firmly on the ground. "I would be very careful if I were you woman."

"Or what... you'll beat me to death with your stick? You don't have the balls!" she placed her hands on her hips, "and my name is Rachael."

"Well, Rachael, I murdered my own father, I wouldn't give a second thought to killing you too," Brakkens smile widened. He heard the man laugh and turned around. "And what are you laughing at... vampire?"

He ceased laughing and raised his eyebrows again, "ah, you know I am a vampire, just how did you figure it out? I'm dying to know," he smirked.

"Simple matter really, I've met and dealt with your kind in the Jungles of Africa and the city of Paris. You scream vampire-"

It was at that moment that Bloodwulf, who had been growling at the vampire, leapt at him. In one swift movement almost too fast to see, he swatted the dog away and rushed to its side. He placed one hand on its neck before Brakken pressed the secret trigger, releasing the gun. 

"Ahem," the vampire turned in his direction, his face a mask of malevolence. "Touch my hound and I shall lodge a bullet into your heart. You may be fast, you may not die but my aim is true and it shall bloody hurt!"

The End

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