Just a SinnerMature


Two splashes caught his attention as Garret leaned on a large willow tree, basking in the darkness. One was an animal, feline, he deduced. The other was human and he watched with a flash of emotions as the figure fell into the water and began flailing. No one else left the ship and the animal did not turn back to save the flailing figure.

Damn my gentlemanly ways! He thought tossing off his jacket, shirt, shoes and socks. He paused at the edge of the water and noticed that the figure was growing tired and the splashes were lessening in frequency. Hang on. He thought angrily and dove into the muck and slop that was the swamp. It was a bit like swimming in blood; the crud, thick black surface restricting his movements as he drew nearer and nearer. 

The hiss of snakes and the groans of nearby alligators reminded him that he was not entirely alone in the water. Finally his arm reached out and caught the flailing person. To his shock and surprise, it was a woman. Fuck lady, guess it's just your luck that my old habits care so damn much. Garret leaned forward and locked his arms around her waist, using his legs to propel him back to the bank. It seemed like the trip took years and his entire body burned with fatigue and hunger. The grass and weeds were a welcomed feeling as he dragged not only his body upon the back but the woman's as well. He could tell she was fully conscious and naked. It didn't embarrass him, after all he'd seen many women before her...but she was beautiful. Well rounded curves and the face of an angel, even though she was covered in the mud and muck from the swamp. 

They sat there for a moment, just staring at each other. The woman had very short black hair that hung tight to her scalp with deep ocean blue eyes. It was silent, even the swamp seemed to be holding it's breath. 

"Thank you," her voice came a bit wearily as she leaned into his lap. Garret watched her with a stone blank face, unsure what to think about the woman. It was then that he felt her lips upon his, he kissed back she was a charmer he'd give her that. She then drew away, her fingers running along his now muddy chest. Her movements suggestive and screaming to him what she wanted. His eyes glinted, any other time he would have been all to happy to oblige her in a bit of passion play but not now. He was tired and the thirst for blood was starting to drive him mad. 

"No... " his voice whispered. "I'll be happy to, when I'm less...hungry." He gave her a small grin, flashing his fangs in the starlight.

"Vampire, huh? Are you the real thing or just a wanna be?" She seemed a bit put out that he wouldn't indulge her for a bit passion play. Garret laughed softly, keeping a dark expression on his face. 

"I'm the real thing." Her brows and eyes narrowed at him, she was wary and he thought a he could see something behind her eyes.

"Are you all vampires here?" She took her hands away from him and stalked off, still naked, to a place some feet away.

"No, we are few and far between. Hiding from the persecution of humans." Garret sat and stared at her...such a questioning woman.

So you don't rule?" she asked over her shoulder. Garret cocked his head. Vampires were a real thing to her, so she must have known about his kind.

"I am merely a survivor. A man who drinks deeply from their veins and taunts them with their own mortality and slips off to enjoy the nights." The woman didn't acknowledge him only replying...

"Bummer." The cat that had exited the ship neared. Garret turned to look at it, knowing it was more than a mere cat. 

"Not taking her offer are you?" A voice rang in his head when he looked to the animal. "I sensed she's a very good partner in bed." The voice was taunting and humorous, as though the creature was trying to be witty. Garret nodded to the animal and responded. It wasn't his favorite ability to use his mind for speaking or talking, but this was...different. 

"I'm a bit hungry at the moment thought no doubt you can tell. I'd be happy to take up a moment with her, she's differnt. Even more curious she knows about vampires." A small grin twitched at his almost mask like face. The cat tilted it's head slightly.   

"Ah, intelligent life, such a pleasure to meet you vampire." While the tone was sincere Garret heard the animal slip into a heavy sarcasm as it continued."I'm afraid I must care for my charge, before she manages to kill herself. I do hope we meet again." The cat moved off after the woman and took a place somewhat near her. Garret stared before remembering how filthy, hungry, and tired he was. 

Standing, he moved to a nearby tree and sat against it's trunk. If the woman had any other questions or did something, he wanted to be there when it happened. After all, she did fall from the heavens and I am a demon. A sinner left to toil, tease, and drink deep from mortals for eternity . Garret thought to himself. He enjoyed his role but something told him that things were only going to get more and more interesting. Finally his senses found him and Garret grew disgusted with himself. Saving lives, what the hell kind of vampire are you?!

He growled lightly and his face shifted to a spiteful glare. Now he really just wanted to go and kill someone just to spit his disgust in their face. He grit his teeth and shook his head, what has gotten into me?! A mist apathy covered his features and he just stared to the sky. Damn that he was born and turned in an era of kindness, now he lived in an era where no one cared and he loved it, atleast until his old ways got the better of him. 

The End

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