Point of View: Rachael


Rachael regained consciousness after the impact had knocked her out. Something mewed from above her head. She glared at the feline, who resembled a mini tiger.

“How the fuck’d you survive?” She asked him.

He widened his eyes then narrowed them and spat out a hiss. Rachael laughed as she carefully unbuckled herself and landed on the ceiling that was now a floor.

“Fucking Management stuffed you into Deep Sleep too?” She snorted. “So nice of them to give me company.” The feline sniffed at her sarcasm with indifference. “Don’t suppose you found any unbashed terminals about?”

Rachael continued her monolog as she carefully made her way to the back. The sloped ceiling of the upper level made it hard to move fast but by staying close to the inner wall she could walk without too much trouble.

“Awe shit,” Rachael started at the door she’d been after.

It was open, and not a space suit in sight. To make it worse the computer voice once again chimed with more calmness that Rachael could ever feel.

“Emergency Life Support shutting down in five minutes.”



Rachael looked at the feline whose head was level with her knee. “We have no fucking clue if there’s even a breathable atmosphere out there, dimwit.”

The feline indicated nonchalance and jumped down the nearest stairwell. Rachael didn’t follow. “If we’re fucking upside-down,” she muttered, “then this hatch is closest to the ground. Fuck the fact I don’t have a suit. Better die now than die waiting.”

Grunting with the effort Rachael managed to get the air lock doors closed. She wasn’t a dim wit so she stayed in the hallway. Prying open the panel on the interior she crossed wires, shocking herself and swearing up a storm until the personnel hatch began to open.

“Fuck,” was all she had to say when she bent down to look through the view port. The air lock was now filled with what looked to be mud. “Good going genius.”

“Emergency Life Support shutting down in three minutes.”


“Okay Smart Ass,” she yowled back at the feline, “I’ll try the Cargo hatch next.”

With more swears and shocks she jury-rigged the control panel to open a crack at, what should be, the bottom of the door. All the while, her computer warned her that life support was shutting down.

“Emergency Life Support shutting down in one minute.”

Rachael climbed the slopping wall to peak through.

“Puroew?” the feline asked.

“Well the shit ain’t toxic seeing as we haven’t keeled over yet. Smells right, or at least ripe.” Rachael’s nose crinkled as her eyes scanned the darkness. She could hear shouts of people. “Awe fuck, couldn’t I have landed further from civilization.”

Rachael dropped back down and studied her feline companion.

“What do you say Stowie, up for a fucking swim in the darkness?”

She laughed at the disgusted look that crossed the feline's face.

“Well we better before the fucking welcoming party gets here. I’d rather know some shit about where I am before I subject myself to the public.”

“Emergency Life Support shutting down in five... four... three... two... one....”

The ship became utterly silent except for the sound of Stowie’s licking. Rachael swore again as she realized the gap was going to be a tight squeeze.

“God fucking damn it!”

Rachael was semi stuck. There were some days when she hated being so well endowed. Stowie, as if to show off, slipped past her. His splash into the water sprayed Rachael with swamp muck.


“Fuck me too,” she responded as she pulled back to slime herself up with the goop.

Getting back up to the gap was slightly harder, but she slid through and splashed down. Only problem was, she couldn’t touch bottom, nor could she swim.


Rachael knew better than to open her mouth, but her arms and legs flailed about as she tried to regain the surface.

The End

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