Victorian VampireMature


 A tall figure hummed softly as he made his way through the Victorian streets, such a lovely night for a stroll in the not-so-well lit Garden district. The man chuckled, musing at his attempts to try and sound mortal. No, he thought, that's terribly hard when you hold nothing akin to humans except for your appearance. The man tilted his head, listening to the songs of the violins, flutes, and the singing of drunken men. Carriage horses snorted and pawed at the stone beneath their hooves, eager to carry onward with their journey. It was the music of the night, a lullaby only known to those who lived with it's darkness. 

Each little noise bounced off the streets and rattled around in the flower rimmed gardens. Soft New Orleans breezes tossed and mixed the stench of sweat, alcohol, and the swamps through the air like a sickly breath. It was a city of beauty, of lust, and of pestilence. The man drank it as though it were a fine wine, grinning. 

The gray cold cobblestone under his boots, created a loud echoing tap to match the sounds of city. Women passed by, flaunting with men in their low cut dresses and their tender soft skin. Occasionally, he said a greeting and watched as they swooned. Garret was the perfect gentleman, charming and witty.

He laughed at their petty ideas, he was not who they thought he was. After 147 years his old habits managed to hang around, cloaking his true nature, his vampire nature. Garret turned his crimson irises to the blackened sky, opening his mouth to taste the air. In the starlight, everything felt right and his fangs hungered for blood. His body trembled at the thought, his veins crying out in a sheer burning pain. It had been a few days since his last hunt.

Garret turned his head, a sudden rush of air and the clanging of metal roaring in his ears. His brow knitted together as a strange shape tore across the night, splashing the sky's canvas with flames. What the hell? Then just as suddenly as the mysterious craft had appeared, it was gone. Smashing into the swamps in a loud crashing explosion, as if some large building had fallen from the sky. 

This could be interesting. His curiosity peeked, Garret strolled though the swath of bugs, tree limbs, and creatures of the night to see what this ship, of sorts, was. His strides were stretched out and his eyes hungrily searched the wilderness. 

That's when he found it and gasped in surprise and excitement. Whatever the hell it didn't belong in Victorian New Orleans, he'd never seen anything like it. Garret grinned mischievously, looking over the large round ring like shape. From the way it was sitting in the water, he guessed that it had to be at least halfway sunken into the swamps murky waters.

Slowly, he moved around the waters edge lurking in the shadows. His eyes ran along it's sleek surface that reminding him, oddly, of a large child's toy resting calmly. Where did this thing come from...and why did it come to my city? 

The End

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