Darkness DescendingMature

We have our favorite character, but what happens when we remove them from thier normal ellement and throw them in with someothers? Well, consider this a bit of Real Wolrd meet Protagonize.

Chapter Title: Unexpected Arrival

Point of View: Rachael



There were more colorful words I could have used to describe my situation but I always fell back to the basics. You couldn’t go wrong there. Basic desires and basic instincts, they kept me alive; however, the Deep Sleep revival process was not.

“Hurry the fuck up!”

I slammed my foot against the clear plexi doors. Through it came the faint sound of my computer’s voice.

“Impact in sixty seconds.”

The computer's calm tones were incongruous to the flashing red light.

“For fuck’s sake!”

This time I grabbed hold of the handrails meant to help you out and slammed both feet into the door seam. The only thing I got for that was a burst of high pressure water that rinsed the last of the remaining sleep fluid from my naked body.

“Revival complete,” the unit beeped as a soft hiss indicated the door had been unlocked.

“Bout fucking time,” I hissed barging out of the doors and making for the stairs.

“Impact in forty-five seconds,” the computer informed me once again.

“No shit Sherlock,” I sneered as I took the steep steps two at a time. Back on the living level I swerved left and into the control room. “Shit!”

“Impact in thirty seconds.”

The computer voice roused me from my shock at the state of the control room. Management had really gotten me this time.


My voice echoed off the metal walls as I strapped myself in to the command chair. My fingers whipped about the control panel trying desperately to pull up something, anything. Nothing responded, nothing at all. I had no idea if I had fuel, or if the rock I was crashing into, if it was a rock, supported life. I had nothing, nothing at all to go on.

“Impact in five... four... three... two...”

I did the only thing I could do. I braced for impact.

The End

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