As We Move Out Chapter 2

 As We Move Out  Chapter 2

they move more around the bend it seemed to be a diffrent type of person like some women none of us boys hade seen any type of women in many years. we let them go bye while every one is looking back at them.they were english people but probley not a good spot for pritty women like them to be. so we move on and i hear all thease plans crashing and i relly didnt want to go threw with it now but i cant take it back, At worst i was going to die saveing the world,im laying in the bush andf there was no one in sight i may have lost my bestfrend, i see one man his name way Joe Davis, he gave me a real hard time at camp but he once said something nice he says to me "mate many will die lengens verry few will live one" so i took this advice so i snap out of this mood, i need to help the troops and i do i run in there with a gun and just shoo anything i see i've shot 12 people and i see lutenet Dingo i help him back me and him wore one of 6 walking ledgens only suvivers out of (250)   walking in this grope was (Dingo,Joe,Dave,Steve,Ben and Me.)

The End

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