Darkness And Dragons

When 14 year old Rachel and her mum, Laura, go on holiday staying in a B&B in the summer holidays, bored Rachel finds something more to the old cottage...

                                                                  SETTLING IN

'It's perfect, isn't it?' Rachel's mum, Laura, told Mrs Lanklim.

'Yeah, Mrs Lanklim,' Rachel sighed flatly, looking down at her well-bitten nails.

'Call me Mabel' Mrs Lanklim said, patting Laura on the back. Laura smiled and ushered Mabel out of the room.

'How dare you be so rude?' Laura whispered, knowing Mabel would be in the next room.

'Sor-ry' Rachel replied sarcastiaclly.

Laura clenched her hands into fists and stormed out of the room. Rachel laughed at her mum's stupidy and walked over to the window and opened it slightly. The wind blew her long, blonde hair into her deep blue eyes. She pushed it over her ears and slid open the door a creak and listened to the conversation happening in the kitchen.

'I know, I know, but she'll soon settle in. She's like that' She heard her mum say.

'Are you sure? Maybe a nice trip to the seaside, all three of us, that would be nice.' Mabel replied, clattering dishes into the dishwasher.

'I guess, though what about all your other 'residents'?' Laura asked.

'Don't have any others. Come on, tomorrow, 12 sharp. I'll get us a picnic ready' Mabel demanded, shuffling into the hallway.

'Sure' Laura shouted, running up the stairs to their room. Rachel flew back onto the bed and got out her magazine. She opened it up as her mum came in.

'What were you talking about, mum?' Rachel asked, pretending she didn't know anything.

'We're going out tomorrow, to the seaside.' Laura replied, opening her suitcase.

'Cool. What, just the two of us?' Rachel said, putting down her magazine, facing her mother.

'No, with Mabel.' Laura sighed, hanging up her blue and white spotty dress.

'Oh.' Rachel exclaimed, her head drooping.

Laura sighed and pushed Rachel's suitcase towards her, indacating her to sort out her clothes. Rachel slid off the bed and started to unpack. She threw her black and white trainers under the bed, knowing she wouldn't need them. Not yet, anyway.

'Don't do that' Laura said, pulling them out again. 'And, I expect you to be on BEST beahaviour tomorrow, you hear me?'

'Yes Mum' Rachel lied, crossing her fingers behind her back.

Laura's brown hair fell from her ponytail.

'Good.' She said, her brown eyes looking into Rachel's.

Rachel smiled and hung her clothes up, pushing the case under her mum's bed.


(To be continued)

The End

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